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A Commitment to Our Patrons

At Marina Bay Sands, we are committed to creating unforgettable experiences every day. That commitment extends to every facet of our resort – right down to the casino floor. We have created a Responsible Gambling Programme that not only assists people seeking help, but also trains our staff on how to direct patrons to help.

Marina Bay Sands is committed to establishing an environment of Responsible Gambling for its patrons and is committed to raising awareness on the potential effects associated with problematic gambling behaviours and provide information for patrons seeking help.

Marina Bay Sands supports the various social safeguards established by the Singapore Government, including the entry levy system for Singapore citizens and permanent residents, Voluntary Visit Limit Programme, and casino exclusion orders. For more information on the development of the Marina Bay Sands and Las Vegas Sands Responsible Gambling Programmes, please visit the Las Vegas Sands Corp. website at


Social Safeguards
Marina Bay Sands supports the various social safeguards established by the Singapore Government to assist people to manage their gambling.
Gambling Myths & Superstitions
Gambling myths and superstitions are fiction and if you believe in any of these, you may find yourself spending more than you planned. 
Concerned About Your Gambling Behaviours?
It is difficult to identify problem gamblers just by looking at them. It is therefore important to understand the warning signs.
Problem Gambling Counselling And Treatment
Seeking advice and support from government funded help services or other support groups.


Gamble Responsibly
Gamble Responsibly
Marina Bay Sands has established a Responsible Gambling Programme to promote an environment of Responsible Gambling among staff and patrons.
Self-Exclusion & Family Exclusion
Self-Exclusion and Family Exclusion restrict a person from entering the Casinos in Singapore and will be in effect for a minimum period of one (1) year. 
Voluntary Pre-Commitment
The Marina Bay Sands Voluntary Pre-Commitment Programme assists patrons plan their gambling expenditure by setting a limit on how much they will spend over a 24-hour period. 
Voluntary Visit Limit
The Visit Limits Programme at Marina Bay Sands enables a patron to voluntarily limit the number of visits they make per month to all Casinos in Singapore.
NotifyMyPlay assists Sands Rewards Club or Paiza members track time played and/or money spent at play and be notified at selected intervals.

Responsible Gambling Ambassadors

Marina Bay Sands has developed a specific Responsible Gambling initiative in conjunction with Las Vegas Sands and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to support patrons who may have difficulties with their gambling behaviours. These Responsible Gambling Ambassadors, who are specially trained to not only respond to our patrons needs but refer to Government funded support services have been through specific training developed by experts in the field of problematic gambling and are always available.

Our Responsible Gambling Ambassadors in the Casino can be identified by this badge. Marina Bay Sands has over 600 Ambassadors, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Marina Bay Sands - RG Check Accreditation

Marina Bay is proud to accept accreditation by the Responsible Gambling Council, which recognises Marina Bay Sands as an industry leader in the provision of Responsible Gambling services. RG Check is based on a comprehensive set of responsible gambling standards and is the most rigorous Responsible Gambling accreditation program in the world, designed to meet or exceed all existing responsible gambling regulatory requirements.