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Enter the world of WAKUDA, an artful collision of time and culture sparking a modern take on Japanese cuisine. 

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Created by two-MICHELIN-Starred Chef Tetsuya Wakuda and John Kunkel, CEO of 50 Eggs Hospitality, WAKUDA captures the tension between traditional and modern Japan in a bold and thoughtful way, offering an experience that defies convention. Experience pristine moments of culinary beauty crafted by Chef Tetsuya and his team, through the delicate balance between what is time-honoured and what is possible.

Driven by an artisanal spirit of excellence, Chef Tetsuya skilfully coaxes the purest flavours from prized produce such as the Tasmanian ocean trout and Ōra King salmon from New Zealand, quality Tokujo AA uni from Hokkaido, or the delicate umibudo (sea grapes) and mozuku (seaweed) from Okinawa, exclusive to WAKUDA Restaurant & Bar.

Connoisseurs of Japanese produce will relish the top-notch produce such as Kagoshima A5 Ribeye Steak, Tuna Steak and more, impeccably executed in our exclusive Set Lunch menu, available every Thursday and Friday.


“Wakuda takes pride in the ingredients featured on its menu” – Michelin Digital


Japanese dining in Singapore just got more exciting” – Epicure Asia


“Setting a new standard for dining in Marina Bay Sands, the space oozes with fun conviviality and a touch of class (…) Redefining the conventional Japanese dining experience with access to an exclusive trove of international produce (…) sets the stage for the culinary brilliance of Chef Tetsuya and his team” – TimeOut Singapore


“In a nutshell, dining at Wakuda forms a very well-rounded experience where food, décor, drinks and ambience come together in perfect synergy to create a night to remember. Chef Wakuda really nailed this concept quite beautifully while still keeping his finger on the pulse of gastronomic trends. “ – The Edge



The Dining Room
The Dining Room
Embark on a gastronomic voyage and uncover a multisensory experience unlike any other. The extensive à la carte menu features prized ingredients sourced from Australia, Europe, Japan and New Zealand. WAKUDA’s signature dishes such as YubaCarabineros PrawnClassic Saikyo Yaki and Cold Soba with botan shrimp, truffles and caviar are primed to impress. 
The Bar
The Bar
Whether for pre-dinner drinks or post-dinner rendezvous, let your evening of pleasure and tales be elevated by WAKUDA’s stunning collection of sakes and cocktails. Take your pick from the collection of sake labels including the signature Isojiman, Junmai Ginjo W for Wakuda that is specially brewed in Shizuoka, Japan, for WAKUDA.
The Omakase Experience
The Omakase Room
Tucked away in a private space, indulge in a truly personalised and exclusive experience and let your senses come alive as you arrive at the apex of your gastronomic journey.

Dining Specials

Prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing Goods and Services Tax.

Valentine’s Day Omakase
Valentine’s Day Omakase
Indulge in an exquisite experience over our 8-course Omakase menu, featuring top-tier international ingredients. Keep the conversations flowing through the night with our Wine & Sake Pairing menu.
Set Lunch
Set Lunch
Connoisseurs of Japanese ingredients will relish the top-notch produce such as Sashimi, Tuna Steak, Miso Cod, Wagyu Tenderloin Steak and more, impeccably executed in Wakuda's exclusive Set Lunch menu, available every Thu and Fri. 
Social Hour Tuesdays
Social Hour Tuesdays
Let your conversations stretch into nights of revelry over post-dinner drinks, with half price on five delectable Japanese-inspired Highballs – the AppleBlendedGingerShiso and Yuzu.

Meet the chef

Tetsuya Wakuda

Considered one of Australia’s finest chefs, Chef Tetsuya is known for his skill in combining fresh produce with French culinary arts and Japanese-style presentation.