Level 4 Galleries

ArtScience Museum is made up of 10 ‘fingers’ and three of the fingers have been specifically extended to create three spaces — Expression, Curiosity and Inspiration — on level 4. The three galleries are suitable for a variety of events and have to be rented together as a package.

Size & Capacity

Total Floor Area: 650m²
Expression Gallery: 240m²
Curiosity Gallery: 195m²
Inspiration Gallery: 215m²
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    Expression Gallery
    Standing: 158 people
    Theatre: 140 people
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    Curiosity Gallery
    Standing: 112 people
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    Inspiration Gallery:
    Standing: 125 people
    Theatre: 70 – 80 people

Rental Rates

All rates include entry into the exhibitions, up to the capacity of the venue booked.

Rental Rates^
Whole Day (7am - 11pm)S$12,000+

* Duration includes event-set-up/rehearsal and tear-down/removal.

^ Rental rates excludes prevailing GST rate.

Rental is inclusive of:

Expression Gallery

  • 4 projectors
  • 4 projector screens
  • Basic sound system
  • 1 TV screen for branding (located at gallery entrance)

Curiosity Gallery

  • 2 projectors

Inspiration Gallery

  • 9 projectors
  • 1 TV Screen for branding (located at gallery entrance)
  • 6 TV Screens for branding (located within gallery)

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Please contact us if you have any queries about renting a venue at ArtScience Museum. We look forward to hearing from you.

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