ArtScience Museum x NOWNESS: Meditative Screens

Come witness how community, song, language and spirituality transcend chaos through an inextricable bond of hope across 4 very specially curated short films in conjunction with NOWNESS. 

First Sunday follows a small-town African-American folk preparing to go back to church after the very long lockdown – a very soulful, meaningful ode to community and resilience in the face of collective suffering both past and present. Nabs features a modern day Kurdish guru singing an ancient poem in the backdrop of a mesmerising pink-orange sunset – an absolutely beautiful, entrancing tribute to the resilience of human spirit captured in one person’s voice. In The Dictionary, an ancient culture is kept alive by one eccentric man with a toothy grin and cigarette-seared voice, keeping obsessive record of his native lost language by singing into a dusty series of cassette tapes and his own frenzied notebook scribbles that is now the only possible Romani dictionary in the world. In Boys Will Be Flowers, we take comfort in the carefree lives of Caribbean children at play in the streets of Havana – skateboarding, somersaulting and laughing into the winds of summer – a stirring snapshot of life we look back to strive towards once all the madness around us ends.

Total Duration: 19 minutes

4 Mar – 17 Apr 2022
Expression Gallery, Level 4

ticket Free Admission

Free Screenings on weekdays 

Walk-ins accepted for free screenings on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to venue capacity.

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