Technotopias: A Cao Fei Multiverse

Oscillating between virtuality and reality, Cao Fei's practice often seeks to uncover humanity in the face of rapid technological developments and urban change.

A celebrated international artist who consistently contributes to the ever-changing shape of Asian futurism, Cao Fei's remarkable twenty-year career includes a series of moving image work that encapsulate the Asian dilemmas between progress and culture in mundane settings punctured by surreal moments.

From the critically acclaimed Asia One commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum, to the dystopic miniature dioramas of La Town and finally, her most recent sci-fi epic Nova, Cao Fei creates worlds that are both poignant and playful. Some even feature running motifs, such as the giant octopus in La Town that makes an appearance in The Midnight Wanderer (produced by NOWNESS), starring Cao Fei herself as a disgruntled exhibition cleaner.

Technotopias: A Cao Fei Multiverse encourages the joyful in the banal; the will to dream of a better future in an increasingly fractured society, serving as a prescient counterpoint to western-lensed ideals of the future. This programme complements the exhibition, New Eden: Science Fiction Mythologies Transformed.


Image caption:
Film still from Asia One by Cao Fei, 2018, courtesy of the artist

19 – 28 Jan
Various showtimes
ArtScience Cinema, Level 4
Free Admission, first-come-first-served basis subject to venue capacity

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