Mini Holiday Camp: Day in the Life of Plastic #6 

Have you ever wondered what are plastics and where do they come from? Get to know more about salad lid cover, Sally, as she shares her life story about being a piece of plastic.

You will learn more about the different types of plastics and its lifespan. At its end of its lifecycle, find out what items can be reused and how we can help sort them out. You can explore ways to upcycle take-out containers, like Sally, and make your own shrink art using recycled plastic #6. Discover how plastics are so versatile and tap into your creativity while still being environmentally friendly.  

This Mini Holiday Camp is offered as part of our education programme during the mid-year school holidays.

8, 15, 29 Jun & 6 Jul
10.15am – 12.45pm
The Sun, Basement 1

ticket Price

S$68 per participant, limited slots available. 

Price includes one accompanying adult (optional).  

Recommended age: 6 years old and above 

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