Mixed Media Mirror: Frida-inspired Reflective Art Masterclass with DODO STUDIO

Explore how art can be a means for self-discovery and reflection through a drawing and mixed media collage workshop with DODO STUDIO.

Frida Kahlo’s works capture the imagination and reveal the complexities of life where words could not. Join us in a creative workshop where artmaking becomes a platform to express the uniqueness of your own life!

In this workshop, through a combination of guided and self-exploratory activities, participants can expect to...

  • Learn to incorporate lines, shapes and colours into self-portraiture
  • Explore creative process of mixed media collage
  • Understand how to use visual elements of art to create meaning

This workshop is offered as part of Frida Forever, ArtScience Museum’s season of celebrating the life and legacy of Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.


Driven by the forces of Dahlia Osman and Stacy Huang, DODO STUDIO embodies a fusion of playful curiosity and fervent dedication to arts education. As a dynamic creative practice, DODO STUDIO advocates for art as a language, empowering others to unlock their expressive potential. Through immersive, experiential programs, the pair believes in the magic of doing and making - an essential journey to ignite inspiration and nurture individual creativity.

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25 May
2.30pm – 5.30pm
Recommended for ages 15 and up
Basement 2, Rainbow Room

ticket Ticketed Admission

Early bird pricing: S$48 per pax
Regular pricing: S$68 per pax

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