Marina Bay Sands supports i Light with Lighthouse of Time at ArtScience Museum

As part of i Light Marina Bay 2019, Danny Rose, a multidisciplinary art and design team from France will transform ArtScience Museum’s iconic façade from 28 Jan to 24 Feb into a lighthouse for a new age; a gigantic sculpture of dancing lights.

Viewers will be immersed in an atmosphere created by an abstracted dance of light and shadow, the coloured lights appear to possess mass and weight and seem to model the Museum façade by playing with the perception of space. Signaling a point of reference and providing an intangible constant in time, these lights orchestrate a spectrum of emotions in the viewers.

This year’s iLight is a key part of the Singapore Bicentennial. The festival will officially kick off on 28 January 2019 in conjunction with the launch of the Singapore Bicentennial commemoration. It is curated along the theme of Bridges of Time. All of Singapore’s iconic bridges located in the festival area will be illuminated with artworks. The festival includes 33 sustainable light art installations and five programming hubs.

For more information, please visit i Light Singapore.