ArtScience on Screen: Ode to Invention

Few aspects of the scientific process capture the imagination quite like the invention of something wholly new. Comprised of four short films, ArtScience on Screen: Ode to Invention celebrates the sparks of insights and “Eureka!” moments through young and unlikely heroes who charge fearlessly in their quirky inventions, reminding us it’s never too early to start dreaming big.

This programme is in partnership with Imagine Science Films and Labocine.
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17 – 23 Aug
The MisInventions of Milo Weatherby (2009) by Bill Whirity | 23min, United States

24 - 30 Aug, 7 - 11 Sep
Hoverboard (2012) by Sydney Freeland | 6min, United States and Litterbugs (2016) by Peter Stanley-Ward | 16min, United Kingdom, PG

31 Aug - 6 Sep
Icare (2017) by Nicolas Boucart | 27min, France, PG

17 Aug – 11 Sep 2020
Rainbow Room, Basement 2

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