Sight Through Sound: Ryuichi Sakamoto

Charting his profound sonic evolution in films from heart-tugging orchestrations to minimalist abstractions, witness the growth of Ryuichi Sakamoto - and celebrate brilliance borne of unquenchable curiosity.

With a varied, distinguished career spanning four decades, the contributions of Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto to the world of film is nothing short of legendary.

Blazing into the scene with his iconic signature film score on Nagisa Oshima’s Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, Sakamoto quickly solidified himself as part of an Oscar-winning formula when it comes to movie-making – with a resplendent, diverse resume of award-winning films featuring decorated directors such as Bernado Bertolucci, Pedro Almodovar and Alejandro Innaritu.

This November we take a closer look at 4 distinct eras of Sakamoto – the majestic 80s, heart-swelling 90s, the minimalist 2000s, and the avante garde recent decade. From the early career iconic orchestrations of Merry Christmas Mr, Lawrence (1983) to the idyllic, reserved maturity of Tony Takitani (2004) and leading into the intoxicating abstractions in Proxima (2019), we chart the musical growth of a restless tinkerer and obsessive genius– one who bent and wielded the rules of music to bring us some of the most memorable and beloved films to remember the world by.

5 Nov 2022 – 1 Jan 2023
ArtScience Cinema, Level 4

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