Sofia Coppola: Things Left Unsaid

Things Left Unsaid celebrates the dreamy, intimate worlds of Sofia Coppola, whose exploration of loneliness through an unapologetic female gaze remains especially relevant today.

Throughout her career, Coppola has developed an inimitable style of visual storytelling that sets her apart in the male-dominated film industry, combining her dreamlike sensibilities and a female gaze that is empathetic and tender towards her complex heroines.

We see pastels go hand in hand with loneliness; delicate visuals punctuated with an apt indie soundtrack. The objects and gestures in Coppola’s worlds are just as important as conversations between characters, which are few and far in between. Not much is said in a Coppola film, yet much is seen and felt and evoked.

This retrospective looks at Coppola’s growth as a filmmaker whose films are guided by feeling, engendered by aesthetic. Starting from girlhood classic The Virgin Suicides (1999), Oscar-winning Lost in Translation (2003), gothic ‘pretty horror’ The Beguiled (2017) and more, Coppola creates intimate worlds where characters do not speak often, but everything else in the frame does.

Limited additional screenings of Lost In Translation are available for booking on 1 & 9 April by popular demand!

11 Feb – 9 Apr
ArtScience Cinema, Level 4

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Standard Adult: S$13
Concessions: S$11 (seniors, students, NSFs)
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