Special Event: Beyond Earth

In celebration of the limitless spirit of human aspiration and curiosity, ArtScience Museum is proud to present Beyond Earth - a season of space-themed films and VR artworks.

Come retrace the footsteps of the first humans on the moon in our virtual reality programme Spacewalkers – peer through their mirror-glazed visors, hear your soul rattle while hurtling across the stars, and plummet into the zen stillness of the lunar void.

Next, dive right into an investigation between mythology and science in the study of space travel with our specially curated series of feature films and moving image shorts – from playful urban legends surrounding cheese-filled moons to bewitching dance works choreographed through lunar movements, these movies pay tribute to the vast, unexplored corners of space and our inextricably spiritual links to them.

Starting from this holiday season through Singapore Art Week in the new year, this thrilling season of interstellar wander has a bit of something for everyone. 

25 Nov 2021 – 2 Mar 2022
Mix of free and paid admission with online pre-booking
Special Event: Beyond Earth Special Event: Beyond Earth

Programme Line-Up

  • Virtual Reality: Spacewalkers
    Virtual Reality: Spacewalkers
    Retrace the footsteps of the first humans on the moon or head off to explore Mars and the vastness universe in this stunning immersive experience that first premiered at the Venice Biennale 2020. 
  • Films: Beyond Earth
    Films: Beyond Earth

    Of cheese-filled moons, a Herzog-sized crater and dreams to ascend beyond your means.

    Featuring European Film Awards Nominees as well as a fascinating series from The Karman Project and NOWNESS.

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