Mini Holiday Camp: Surface Tension Art

Join us on an experimental workshop to explore how "bacteria and viruses" react with soap. While you are at it, create a psychedelic print which you can bring home!

The session will begin with a facilitated tour through the Hope from Chaos: Pandemic Reflections exhibition. As we ponder on the ways to stop the spread, the workshop will include a demonstration on what soap does to germs through the phenomena of surface tension. Lastly, create a print from these experiments that aims to remind us to keep germs at bay by washing the right way.

This Mini Holiday Camp is offered as part of our education programme for Hope from Chaos: Pandemic Reflections during the mid-year school holidays.

6, 13, 27 Jun & 5 Jul
10.15am – 12.45pm
The Sun, Basement 1

ticket Price: S$68

Ticket includes 1 accompanying parent/guardian (optional) and a facilitated visit to Hope from Chaos: Pandemic Reflections exhibition.
Recommended for 7 years old and up.

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