Tinker with Trashure

Inspired by Mandy Barker’s work, let us reflect on our waste patterns by creating an artwork of recycled trash to highlight the magnitude of what we throw away. Let’s start from home and observe our domestic waste, and let’s relook at how these items can have a second shelf life.  These familiar items you pick up can help one understand the magnitude of how much we use in a day, week, month. How can we be more mindful of what we consume and how can these habits help us reflect on ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle items in our everyday lives?

This workshop is organised in collaboration with VIVITA, a global community of creators with a vision to empower children with the skills to create a better future. VIVITA produces creative learning environments, develops new tools, and builds a community connecting like-minded children from all over the world. VIVITA believes in leveraging on children’s interests to transform their inspirations into real skills and support their passion, curiosity, and self-directed exploration of learning through the joy of making.

Event is complimentary with limited slots available. Online pre-booking of tickets is required.

13 – 14 Mar
11am – 6pm
Rainbow Room, Basement 2

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