Virtual Tour: Patricia Piccinini

Patricia Piccinini: We Are Connected exhibition invites visitors to embark on a fascinating and emotional journey through a world of extraordinary hybrids in various forms.

Hear from Senior Education Specialist, Marilia, about her favourite artworks in this virtual tour. Be mesmerised by Piccinini’s surreal and magical artworks that invite us to ponder and question the connection between humans, animals and hybrids alike. Take a moment to see how we can show care, responsibility and acceptance to a world that is so full of life.

This Virtual Tour is offered as part of our education programme for Patricia Piccinini: We Are Connected.

About the Exhibition
About the Exhibition

Patricia Piccinini: We are Connected offers visitors a fascinating and emotional journey through an extraordinary universe of beautifully bizarre hybrids and strange new beings.

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From 30 Sep

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