2219: Futures Imagined

Please note that this exhibition contains some mature content

Students from local institutions enjoy free entry to this exhibition

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23 Nov - 5 Apr 2020

Clock Admission Times

10am – 7pm
Last admission at 6pm

Average Time Spent: 1.5 hours

Ticket Ticketed Admission

Singapore Residents:

Adult: $16, Child: $12


Adult: $19, Child: $14

Additional ticket options available

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SG Bicentennial
The Singapore Bicentennial marks the 200th anniversary of Stamford Raffles’ arrival in Singapore, a key turning point in our history.See more
But our story started before 1819, more than 700 years ago. 2019 is a time for commemoration and appreciation of the historical events, cast of contributors and communities that shaped our evolution. It is a reflection of our journey from Singapore to Singaporean.

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