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The main entrance to ArtScience Museum will be closed on 27 May due to an event. ArtScience Museum will be operating as usual and members of the public can still access the museum via the second entrance near Miracle Coffee. SweetSpot at ArtScience Museum will also be closed on 27 May.

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25 Feb – 30 Jul

Clock Admission Times

Daily: 10am – 7pm
(Last entry at 6pm)

Ticket Ticketed Admission

Singapore Residents:

Adult: S$20, Child: S$16

Adult: S$23, Child: S$18

Sneakertopia Sneakertopia

Explore the Exhibition

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Sole Seekers

25 – 30 Jul

Come celebrate the sneaker as a symbol for creativity and expression in this closing programme of Sneakertopia: Step Into Street Culture  exhibition.

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Virtual Tours

  • Virtual Kids Tour: Sneakertopia
    Virtual Kids Tour: Sneakertopia

    Step into the world of sneaker and street culture with one of Singapore’s youngest sneaker collector Mohammed IIhan, together with Education Specialist, Jing Yi.

    Marvel at a selection of sneakers, including Ilhan’s best pairs out of the 60 that he presently owns and find out how sneakers can form one's identity and own unique style.

    Watch the video in the link below from 26 Mar
  • Virtual Tour: Sneakertopia
    Virtual Tour: Sneakertopia

    Join our Education Specialists, Sue and Rayna, as they introduce you to sneaker culture in our exhibition Sneakertopia: Step Into Street Culture.

    Through the works of selected Singaporean female artists in Sneakertopia, this virtual tour will have a strong focus on collaboration with the essence of culture and community as driving forces.

    Watch the video in the link below from 16 Apr

  • Take A Sneak Pic!
    Take A Sneak Pic!
    Photoshoots are not just reserved for people, they are just as ideal for sneakers. Featured here is a growing digital archive of sneaker images collected from our visitors who have visited Sneakertopia. Visitors expressed their unique style in this interactive activity by taking a ‘sneak pic’ of their kicks from 25 February 2023.
    See if your sneakers are featured at the link below!
  • From Street to Screen
    From Street to Screen
    Explore the roots of sneaker and street culture through the lens of cinema – from iconic blockbusters to indie titles, come take a closer peek at how films play such a pivotal role in fashion, style and sweet kicks.
    Check out the films screening during the exhibition at the link below!


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