Light & Colour

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Learn all about light and colour through a series of hands-on experiments. Discover how light refracts and reflects, observe colour in a dark room and make your own spectrometer!

Learning Objectives

  • To experience light and colour through various hands-on experiments such as using a spectrometer to discover different spectrums.
  • To witness the impact of colour through observations.

icon Dates & Times

Tue – Thu: 10.15am, 11.30am, 2.45pm & 4pm

Duration of workshop: 60min
Number of participants: 20 – 25 

icon Ticket Prices

Workshop only: $5
Workshop with one exhibition: $8
Workshop with two or more exhibitions: $13

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1 accompanying educator is admitted for free with every 5 paying students.

Suitable for 5 years old and up

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