FabCafe Singapore at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay SandsFabCafe Singapore at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands


FabCafe is a bespoke café experience that combines hand-crafted food and exceptional coffee, with state-of-the-art fabrication technology like 3D printing and laser cutting. Bringing together art, creativity and technology, FabCafe invites you to learn about the fabrication revolution that is taking the world by storm, while enjoying a fine cup of coffee in the beautiful light-filled atrium of ArtScience Museum. 


WE ARE HERE: ArtScience Museum, Lobby
WE ARE OPEN: 10am to 7pm daily



Bringing people together to explore what we can do with art, creativity, technology, and design.

More than just a space that offers coffee and food, FabCafe is a go-to place for creatives, artists, designers and the maker community. A variety of programmes, lectures, workshops and informal meet-ups are held at the cafe, aimed at everyone – from students, young entrepreneurs and designers to families.  FabCafe inspires makers to come together, network, and learn how to make, using fab tools.


FabCafe at ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands







Make Your Own: Robotic Art
Sundays, 9, 16 & 30 Jul, 6,13 & 20 Aug | 2.30pm - 4.00pm

FabCafe, Lobby

Create a robotic arm using easy robotic components and hydraulics. Use your new arm to create a futuristic cyborg artwork.

Terms and conditions
SGD $40 per participant. Suitable for children aged 7 and above. Up to 25 participants on a first-come, first-serve basis. Children must be accompanied by an adult. For pre registration, please email hello@fabcafe.sg


Made In Space: Tools for New Designed Worlds
Saturdays 24 Jun –  19 Aug |10:30am – 1:00pm
FabCafe, Lobby

Made In Space is a series of hands-on workshops and talks, inviting people to challenge different assumptions of what we know about space. From building complex systems, finding ways to communicate with extra-terrestrial life, to prototyping robots that move in unusual ways, Made In Space is a speculative laboratory centred around democratising space science and space tech. Made In Space is organised in partnership between the SUTD Digital Manufacturing & Design Centre, CodeKitchen, and the wonderful folks from the FabCafe Community.

For more information and to register, please click here for the FabCafe’s event page.  

Terms and conditions
Participants age requirement to be 15 and above. Participants can choose to attend individual workshops and/or the entire series. Workshop dates may be subject to change. Participants will be notified if there is a change in the schedule. Max Capacity: limited seats of 30 on first-come-first serve basis.


Embark on a journey to learn about the fabrication machines in our cafe and how you can start creating with them. 




We host and organise interesting meet ups open to the public. Learn about the latest happening in the arts, tech, and design fields and meet like-minded folks.




Laser Cutting at FabCafe

Bring concepts to life in minutes while enjoying a cup of fresh coffee! Curious minds can pick a design from our graphics library, a special quote from a favourite author, or a thoughtful message, and have it laser engraved onto personal items and objects.
Book an appointment with us and let our fab experts guide you through the process.
Mac Fab at FabCafe


Personalisation is king! We are the experts at engraving on the special anodised aluminium surfaces of all Apple products - MacBook, iPad and iPhone models.
Just make an appointment, bring your design (and your device!) and we will help you create the special Mac just for you.
3D printing at FabCafe

Reprint your designs at FabCafe! We have both FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and SLA (Stereolithography) printers.
Simply make an appointment, and our fab experts will be right on hand to assist you.



Coffee and Drinks at FabCafe

Our coffee is fair-trade certified, lovingly hand-made and specially roasted exclusively by FabCafe. Each bean variety is roasted separately, in small batches here in Singapore and delivered fresh to our cafe every week.
This is the same quality, artisanal coffee you'll find in all of our espresso drinks. Come and taste great coffee today!
Food and Snacks at FabCafe



Delicious hearty wraps and Japanese curry bowls made in Singapore. Our Japanse curry bowl is a customers’ favourite. Served with fragrant Japanese rice, topped with seasonal salad vegetables, purple sweet potatoes, and a soft-boiled onsen egg.

Choose between tender sous-vide chicken or go meatless for a healthy vegetarian option. Our fresh wraps come in three mouthwatering options - 'Chicken Rice’, Beef Rendang, or Veggie Quinoa. SGD$12 each. 



Dessert and Cakes at FabCafe

Delight in a mouthwatering range of bites to make your day!
From fluffy, delicious freshly-baked croissants to creamy rainbow cheesecakes and locally made ice-cream cookies, there's a little something to put a smile on any face.



FabCafe Singapore at the ArtScience Museum Lobby


Born in Tokyo, FabCafe was the first cafe in the world to be equipped with new technology devices such as laser cutters and 3D printers. It quickly expanded its presence around the world in cities like Barcelona, Bangkok, Taipei and now has arrived in Singapore.  The 'Fab' in FabCafe stands for both 'Fabulous' and 'Fabrication' and FabCafe is all about putting the fun and creativity into making new creations with innovative fabrication technology. 

FabCafe is a place where fantastic coffee and delicious new food is created through creativity and imagination.  In this unique cafe, you can sample laser-cut cookies, experiment with 3D printing, and learn about how technology is changing how we make things. You can make your idea into reality with digital fabrication tools. The unexpected unfolds when new technology and creativity meet. 

ADDRESS: ArtScience Museum, 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974