Begin your journey at the unmistakable landmark of Singapore — Marina Bay Sands. Located right at the heart of the city, the integrated resort is a bold celebration of the island’s rich and diverse culture. Follow David Beckham, as he seeks to uncover hidden gems and experience the real Singapore, starting from Marina Bay Sands.

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It All Starts Here
Going Wild in the Garden City
David Beckham in Marina Bay Sands
Small City, Big Arts Scene
David Beckham in Marina Bay Sands
The Original Food Paradise
Going Wild in the Garden City

Venture into the wild side of Singapore with David and tropical rainforest ecologist Dr Shawn Lum. Learn how our chefs harvest fresh herbs daily at Marina Bay Sands and watch the duo travel from city jungle to untouched rainforest in just 15 minutes.

Small City, Big Arts Scene

Join David as he explores the burgeoning arts scene in the city-state with Singaporean graffiti fine artist Ceno2. Watch him try his hand at tagging, and catch a glimpse of the immersive art installations in ArtScience Museum.

The Original Food Paradise

In this mouthwatering episode, David joins Aun Koh, also known as Chubby Hubby, for an authentic taste of Singapore’s diverse food culture. Find out what makes a good chicken rice, and where to get your laksa fix at Marina Bay Sands.


Go on a culinary journey with over 80 dining options at Marina Bay Sands. It’s truly a food paradise!

It All Starts Here
Gastronomic Adventure
An atlas of flavours awaits you at over 45 restaurants — from unapologetically authentic Singaporean fare to a myriad of international cuisines from around the world.
Big Night Out
Toast to the high life at lavish rooftop parties or dance to your favourite beats in Singapore’s hottest club. Kickstart your evening with the city’s best nightlife experience here at Marina Bay Sands.
Meet Our Celebrity Chefs
Meet the faces behind some of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants. Get a glimpse into their culinary backgrounds and cuisines that stay true to their roots.


Discover ArtScience Museum, an iconic cultural landmark in Singapore, where art and science intersect.

Future World: Where Art Meets Science
Now showing

Explore an immersive world of art, science, magic and metaphor through a spellbinding collection of vibrant and interactive installations.
VR Gallery

Experience infinite possibilities on a cinematic scale in the world of virtual reality. Let world-renowned artists take you on a voyage to push the boundaries of reality in our new VR Gallery.
ArtScience Cinema
Now Showing

Sit back and enjoy an artistic curation of feature films, cinematic retrospectives, film festival selections, documentaries and more at the brand-new ArtScience Cinema.


Witness how nature can thrive alongside urbanisation at Marina Bay Sands and experience the benefits that may bring to your well-being.

Farm to Plate
From fresh herbs and vegetables at our Herb Gardens, to sustainably sourced seafood from the region, our chefs are dedicated to the wellness of both our guests and the planet.
Gardens by the Bay
Discover a surreal, futuristic expanse of lush greenery located just minutes from Marina Bay Sands by foot.
Jogging in the City
Jog along the waterfront promenade and take in Singapore’s most iconic sights, including the floating Apple store, Merlion and more.
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