Las Vegas Sands Corp™ (LVS) is very proud to provide an equal opportunity purchasing environment. LVS is committed to strengthen the community in which we live, by purchasing from local suppliers, including targeting certified minority and women-owned businesses.

We encourage and welcome all Suppliers to bring their expertise and knowledge. We source world-class products and services that have appropriate quality levels, competitive pricing, and are delivered on time, as specified.In establishing our global presence and procurement strategies, we continue to be mindful of the cultural and regulatory requirements at each of our properties. LVS is committed to being the preeminent sustainable resort development corporation in the world. Our procurement and supply chain organization follow the guidelines set forth by Sands Eco 360°, and we encourage our Suppliers to work towards these goals as well.LVS expects all Suppliers who wish to do business with us to meet all governmental standards and pass rigorous background inspections. Additionally, we expect all LVS Suppliers to in turn hold their Suppliers to these high standards.