Picnic Spots in the City, Singapore Visitors Guide, Marina Bay SandsPicnic Spots in the City, Singapore Visitors Guide, Marina Bay Sands


Singapore has its fair share of picturesque green spots scattered around the island – it’s not called the Garden City for nothing! From well-known parks to hidden enclosures, Singapore is full of places to enjoy a relaxing picnic.
Picnic Spots in the City, Singapore Visitors Guide, Marina Bay Sands

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is famous for its plants, trees, walking paths, and open grassy spaces to spread a checkered picnic blanket. You’ll find people picnicking here on just about every day of the week, though weekends come with bigger crowds. It’s the ideal place to let the children and the pets run free. 

A picnic in the Botanic Gardens can be an educational experience as well, since the gardens were designed to educate visitors on the flora and fauna native to Singapore and Southeast Asia. A walk along any of the paths will bring you to a set of bushes, trees, or shrubs with signs for these that explain what they are and from where they originated. Picnics at the Botanic Gardens are so popular that several evening performances are organised in the amphitheatre and are free for the public to attend. Most choose to sit on the rolling hills with a bottle of wine, fruits, cheeses, and a group of friends and family. The atmosphere at these performances is upbeat and often accompanied by a cool tropical wind that adds to the gaiety.

Picnic Spots in the City, Singapore Visitors Guide, Marina Bay Sands

East Coast Park is the ideal location for beach picnics. Located between the airport and the city, the beach is dotted with trees, benches, and barbecue spits and are available for the general public to use. Many families come to the beach with the usual picnic gear, and tents that are used as makeshift changing rooms for the swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. These picnics tend to be whole-day affairs, starting early in the morning to a gorgeous sunrise. 

The east coast of Singapore is a busy shipping channel and picnic-goers are often treated to views of ships of all colours and sizes. And because Changi Airport is also on the east coast of the island, the flight path takes aircraft directly over the ships, providing spectacular photo opportunities. The afternoon can sometimes become warm with thunder showers, which makes having a tent useful on multiple levels. The evenings are usually cool and dry and offer the perfect opportunity for a sizzling barbecue and songs around the fire.

Picnic Spots in the City, Singapore Visitors Guide, Marina Bay Sands

If a picnic ground that’s almost one-sixth the size of Singapore appeals to you, then head to Marina Barrage. The area is home to Singapore’s fifteenth reservoir and is the only water catchment area of its size in the heart of the city. The multi purpose barrage not only stores water, it also plays an important role in alleviating flooding in low lying areas of Singapore, and highlights the city's efforts in becoming a greener country. Its Solar Park houses more than 400 panels which provide electricity to provide light to the barrage when needed.

Besides its primary functional qualities, the facility also serves other notable purposes. The reservoir is a great place to spend the day on the water kayaking, boating, windsurfing or just floating. Plenty of green spaces around Marina Barrage make it great for kite-flying or testing that new remote-controlled quadcopter. And with Marina Bay Sands just across, there’s plenty of opportunities to stock up on a few extra drinks and sandwiches to keep the picnic going.