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Act II: Home

Superflux (UK/India), Mitigation of Shock (Singapore Edition), installation view.

In the decades after 2019, triumphs and challenges were experienced across the world and on every continent, as ecological, social and political changes unfolded. By the middle of the 21st century, cities had become more homogeneous. Issues were no longer bordered and contained by imaginary national lines — what was experienced in one location had repercussions across the oceans and around the world.

At home, daily life evolved significantly. Living spaces became more self-sustaining as the environment became less able to provide essentials such as food and clean water. Interior design considerations and treasured possessions were put aside to make space for food production in the home.

Whilst the world of the mid-21st century differed greatly from the decades that preceded it, in Singapore, the familiarity of public housing, shared communal spaces, a fascination with nature and a continued interest in local issues remained. Being highly adaptable, many Singaporeans were able to make the necessary adjustments needed to survive on a changing planet.

List of artists:
Debbie Ding, Hafiz Osman, Johann M Fauzi, Robert Zhao Renhui, Sarah Choo Jing, Superflux, WOHA


Featured Artworks
Sarah Choo Jing, (Singapore) Nowhere Near, Single-channel video installation, 19 min 42 sec looped, Courtesy of the artist
Robert Zhao Renhui, (Singapore) The Bizarre Honour, Courtesy of artist