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Act III: Underworld

Finbarr Fallon (Singapore/UK), Subterranean Singapore 2065, 2017, film, production still.

By 2060, living conditions on the Earth’s surface had taken a turn for the worse. The environment was no longer suitable for human societies. Life migrated underground.

Having made significant progress in exploring beneath the surface, Singapore was well-placed to move its citizens into a subterranean environment. The propositions of Singapore-based architect Finbarr Fallon provided a template for underground life, and by 2065, Singapore was ready to mark its centennial year of independence below ground.

However, not all things could be transported below. Underground cities had limited sunlight to sustain plants and animals, and over time nature became rarefied. Artificial shrines acted as memento mori to the rich flora and fauna of the past. As the relationship between people and nature became less tangible, these synthetic sanctuaries gained value as a means of healing and offered spaces where deep connections could be forged.

List of artists:
Alvin Pang, Donna Ong, Finbarr Fallon, Fyerool Darma, Gordon Cheung, Lisa Park

Featured Artworks
Lisa Park (USA/Korea), Blooming, 2019, interactive installation, production still.
Gordon Cheung (UK), Jan davidsz. de heem I (New Order), 2019, glicée print on Hahnemühle photo rag, exhibition print, detail.