2219: In-gallery Artist Interventions

To coincide with Singapore Art Week 2020 and in collaboration with Impart Art, ArtScience Museum presents a series of in-gallery artist interventions.

Featuring Adeline Kueh, Zarina Muhammad, Yanyun Chen and Priyageetha Dia in a series of intimate hands-on session and talks, as well as readings and performances, the artists will explore how ritual and handiwork is handed down from generation to generation, in a fond layering of memories and identity. 

This drop-in session is a part of 

2219: Futures Imagined

Discover the possible futures of Singapore 200 years from now through a series of immersive installations, meditative spaces, films, paintings and sculptures.

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ticket Free (Requires pre-registration)

Up to $15 per participant


  • highlights
    2219: Futures Imagined Drop-In Session
    Learn how to make special paper beads using recycled materials as seen in Adeline Kueh’s installation in 2219: Futures Imagined, Everything But Gold.
  • sunrise
    The Sun Rises in Molten Gold (Contemplation/Reclamation)
    This is a multi-disciplinary intervention responding to some of the artworks in the exhibition 2219: Futures Imagined.
  • Stories of a Woman and Her Dowry
    Stories of a Woman and Her Dowry by Yanyun Chen
    Yanyun Chen shares a four part-story stemming from the tensions with her grandmother, where their beliefs and actions grate at each other, generations apart.
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Past programmes

  • choking
    Choking on Nostalgia with Yanyun Chen
    Exploring the theme of Choking on Nostalgia, Yanyun Chen will be sharing relevant texts and images at a thinking reading circle. 
  • goldshop
    Goldshop to Pajak Gadai
    Presented with a set of tools and materials accumulated by the artist, participants will reflect on how value is assigned to everyday objects.
  • talisman
    Talisman for Surviving Eclipses and the Non-Conforming Dates of Movable Feasts
    Drawing inspiration from how we form collective memories and tell stories, the artist will lead participants to create devices to commemorate things that matter.
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