Choking on Nostalgia with Yanyun Chen

Exploring the theme of Choking on Nostalgia, Yanyun Chen will be sharing relevant texts and images at a thinking reading circle. 

Stuffed so full that it gags us from thinking about anything else. Nostalgia wears us, stretched thin like a grandmother’s coat, cooking us from inside in the tropical humidity.

Yanyun Chen will be sharing with two other invited guests, Dr. Jeremy Fernando and Lawrence Ypil, who will respond to the theme. Complimentary for 2219: Futures Imagined ticket holders.


This event is a part of

2219: In-gallery Artist Interventions

To coincide with Singapore Art Week 2020 and in collaboration with Impart Art, ArtScience Museum presents a series of in-gallery artist interventions.

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11 Jan, 2.30pm
2219: Futures Imagined Exhibition, inside Act V: Memory gallery

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Free with purchase of 2219: Futures Imagined ticket