Let’s Talk About: How Every Family is Special

Every family is special in their own ways. When we meet new friends whose families may not be like our own it is important for us to see and accept these differences. A community is made of many different families, and if we appreciate and understand the many different types of families we can build a kinder community.

Through a sharing from Hazirah Mohd Helmy and discussion with speakers from diverse family backgrounds, we explore “our differences” and “our sameness” in various families. These two simple, yet deep concepts, will help us see similarities beyond the surface and shape ideas of who we are and about others around us.

This livestream conversation will include a short hands-on activity, followed by a Q&A session with the audiences.

If you would like to participate in the craft session, the materials needed are:
- paper
- colouring and writing materials

Curriculum Links for Educators and Parents
International Baccalaureate®
CCE for Let’s Talk About: How Every Family is Special (30 July)

Let’s Talk About series:

Let’s Talk About is a four-part series that delves deep into the unseen, unspoken and unsung parts of Singapore. Designed for young people aged 6 – 12, these engaging sessions provide a way for parents and educators to unpack pertinent and relevant topics with young learners.

Let’s Talk About has been developed in collaboration with The Birthday Collective specifically to encourage all of us to think again about current topics, and to build empathy in the way that we respond in complex situation. After an introduction by a guest speaker, each session will provide a practical hands-on activity that enables us to process new ideas and a live Q&A session with an opportunity to ask follow-up questions.

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