ArtScience Late at Home with Fauxe

Our celebration of the iconic horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari continues in this October's edition of ArtScience Late At Home with artist and musician Fauxe. By channeling the expressionistic energies of this century-old film, our multi-hyphenate instrumentalist alongside collaborator sp8cefish will be premiering a thrilling and chilling transmutation of cinema into pure music titled New Life - will he succeed? Will he tame the ghosts of cinema's past? Or will we all descend into extraordinary planes of the mysterious and unknown? Tune in to find out!

The performance will be available online on 15 October, 10am. Don't miss the livestream Q&A with Fauxe who will openly discuss his unholy practices and approach to this presentation at 9pm on the same day.

This performance is part of Special Event: ArtScience on Scream - Celebrating 100 Years of Horror, a season of spooktastic onsite and online programmes at ArtScience Museum.

This event is a part of ArtScience Late.

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The Artists

  • Fauxe

    Nominated for his prolific work as both a musician and as a producer, Fauxe is an accomplished pianist as well as a notorious sampler/experimentalist. Having performed in other museums and festivals such as the National Gallery and NEON LIGHTS, Fauxe’s sound is both hard to define yet immediately accessible give his very contextual yet intersectional influences ranging from electronic beats to vintage Malay-Hawaiian music.

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