Special Programme

The Ocean Imagineer's Work Studio

Witness the development of revolutionary sea vessels in ArtScientist-In-Residence Cesar Jung-Harada’s working space.

ArtScientist-In-Residence Cesar Jung-Harada’s passion for ocean technology, net zero sustainable futures and impact innovation has found a temporary home at ArtScience Museum. Take a glimpse into his space where artist’s studio, science lab and creative workshop come together. Having conducted multiple public engagement and education programmes over the past few months at the museum, Cesar is currently in the midst of developing large-scale prototypes of some of the revolutionary designs devised by his workshop participants – the aim is to reinvent sea transport and explore new sources of power.

There are four main design projects that ArtScientist-In-Residence Cesar has proposed:

  • Shape Shifting Sailing (Protei) revolutionises sea transport design, taking biomimetic design inspiration from sea creatures in a bid to increase energy efficiency and safety.
  • Ocean Solar Hydrogen provides clean energy to coastal communities by using solar power to produce hydrogen gas from seawater.
  • Ocean Train proposes a new sustainable approach to global sea shipping by adopting the modular principle and energy efficient physics of freight trains.
  • Indigenous Future Outrigger designs sea vessels of the future by finding the balance between new technology and indigenous cultural knowledge and wisdom. 

In this showcase, Cesar invites you into his workspace, which has been carefully transported into our museum galleries and curated for public display. Discover how he was inspired by his father–Tetsuo Harada–and the ocean, the methods he employs to get from sketch to prototype and the creative ‘mess’ that follows him wherever he goes.

On selected days Cesar will activate the working space, tinkering on his future prototypes as he would in his private workshop. Visitors will get the chance to see his prototypes come to life and witness a truly creative and inspiring work-in-progress.

About Cesar Jung-Harada

ArtScientist-In-Residence Cesar Jung-Harada is a Singapore-based French-Japanese designer, environmentalist, educator and entrepreneur. With ongoing research and development into renewable energy sources and environmentally sustainable sea transport, he regularly delivers workshops for organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund and National Geographic and has delivered keynotes at international conferences by the United Nations, Harvard University and TED.Cesar is currently Associate Professor of Design at the Singapore Institute of Technology and a candidate Ph.D. in Design and Ocean Innovation at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Conservatoire national des arts et métiers) (France).

This programme is part of the inaugural ArtScience Residency at ArtScience Museum and is a Community Event of Singapore Design Week 2023.

2 Sep – 1 Oct 2023
10am – 7pm
Level 3 Galleries
Free Admission

Work Studio Activation

23 & 24 Sep, 2 – 5pm

ArtScientist-In-Residence Cesar Jung-Harada will be activating his Work Studio with with his father, Tetsuo Harada, and son, Aster Jung-Harada.

Inspired by ideas generated across drop-ins and hackathon camps held at ArtScience Museum this past year, Jung-Harada hopes to blend various creative ideas that were prototyped and build them at a larger scale — with the aim to have life-sized prototypes ready for water tests.

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