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The main entrance to ArtScience Museum will be closed on 27 May due to an event. ArtScience Museum will be operating as usual and members of the public can still access the museum via the second entrance near Miracle Coffee. SweetSpot at ArtScience Museum will also be closed on 27 May.

Come celebrate the sneaker as a symbol for creativity and expression in this closing programme of Sneakertopia: Step Into Street Culture  exhibition.

Explore the phenomenon of urban culture through a variety of perspectives. Deep dive into stories of Singapore’s urban arts and creative scene in a series of in-gallery talks by the exhibition’s artists and creatives. Hear more about the making of Sneakertopia and get insights into the artworks and collections in the curator’s tour. Soak up electronic beats and good moods in the euphoric closing party of DJ sets.

Sole Seeker’s line-up features visual artist Dawn Ang (Aeropalmics); Founder and CEO of Limited Edt Mandeep Chopra; designer Josiah Chua; visual and urban artist Toby Tan (tobyato); William Chan and Alvin Tan from contemporary art and design collective PHUNK; Cherry Chan and Jonathan Nah (DJ Kiat) from artist collective Syndicate; multidisciplinary artist weish; electronic music producer and DJ Intriguant; and musician Calvin Phua.

Programmes unfold across various dates and locations at ArtScience Museum.

About the Exhibition

Sneakertopia is a colourful, larger-than-life sneaker and street culture exhibition that celebrates the art and history of sneakers and much, much more!

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date 25 – 30 Jul


Sneakertopia Spotlight Tours: 25 – 27 Jul


Sneakertopia Closing Party: Syndicate Live in the Oculus: 30 Jul

Ticketed Admission

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