Special Event: World Mental Health

Celebrate World Mental Health this October with Art of Being Calm series!
Take a pause from our fast-paced life and soak in the beauty that life has to offer. Discover how decluttering your environment can be a great treat for your mental health and hear personal stories from our fellow colleagues on how they practise wellness. As we wrap up Art of Being Calm series in 2021, let us look back at some highlights of our past episodes. Look out for the series as it returns with more meaningful programmes in the coming year!
8 – 31 Oct
Special Event: World Mental Health Special Event: World Mental Health

Programme Line-Up

  • ABCs of Decluttering
    ABCs of Decluttering
    Find out how decluttering can promote a more balanced lifestyle with our Senior Education Specialist, Marilia!
  • Stories From Our Colleagues
    Stories From Our Colleagues
    Join us as we hear new collections of personal stories from our own colleagues as they share how they practise mindfulness.
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