SUPER–TRAJECTORY: Life in Motion is a presentation of new media artworks from Taiwan and Singapore that reflects on the human experience in an era of instantaneity, transformation and conflict, where speed is the new scale. 

Through a programme of installations and screenings, artists investigate the artistic and cultural consequences of new technologies, reflecting on what it means to be making art in an accelerating, media-influenced world. 

The artists, in different ways, explore a digital world that generates itself and our longing for material qualities and tactile connections in our lives. We see Chih-Ming Fan, Ong Kian Peng and Syntfarm employ computational algorithms as interventions to the present moment as we are confronted with new realities; while Debbie Ding, Charles Lim and Weixin Quek Chong engage with the intimacy and agency of touch in an exploration of materiality and physicality in our relationships with technologies. In the works of Cecile Chagnaud, Hsin-Jen Wang, Mangkhut (Jeremy Sharma) and Tsan-Cheng Wu, we encounter a delicate exchange with the artists’ worlds as they consider the notion of home and memory by mapping their personal experiences against the unprecedented impact of urbanisation.

Between today’s postdigital condition and the complex yet banal realities of contemporary life, this group of works poses the question: What are the humanistic values and principles in an increasingly formatted world?

SUPER–TRAJECTORY: Life in Motion at ArtScience Museum is a collaboration with INTER–MISSION (Urich Lau and Teow Yue Han), tamtamART (Vicky Yun-Ting Hung, Wei-Ming Ho and Lois Wen-Chi Wang) and Tainan Art Museum. Participating artists include Cecile Chagnaud, Debbie Ding, Chih-Ming Fan, Charles Lim, Ong Kian Peng, Weixin Quek Chong, Mangkhut (Jeremy Sharma), Syntfarm (Andreas Schlegel and Vladimir Todorovic), Hsin-Jen Wang and Tsan-Cheng Wu.

The first iteration of SUPER–TRAJECTORY, Media/Life Out of Balance (6 October 2019 to 3 March 2020), was presented at Tainan Art Museum, setting out this cross-regional platform for contemporary and experimental media art and exchange in discourses on technology in art.


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20 Feb - 8 Mar
ArtScience Galleries, Level 4

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The Artists

  • Ceclie Chagnaud

    Cecile Chagnaud is a French visual and sound artist currently based in Singapore where she teaches post-production. Cecile works with film, video, photos and sound, connecting her love for primitive cinema with today’s numeric technologies.

  • Debbie Ding

    Debbie Ding is a Singaporean visual artist and technologist who researches and explores technologies of perception through personal investigations and experimentation. She uses prototyping as a conceptual strategy for artistic production, iteratively exploring potential dead-ends and breakthroughs — in the pursuit of knowledge.

  • Chih-Ming Fan

    Chih-Ming Fan is a Taiwanese artist and designer who works in audio-visual projects and video installations. His video works extend from realistic images to virtual image creation. He has exhibited in PLATINE, Temps D'Images, (CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS — Audiovisual Media festival 2015 and Hors Pistes Tokyo.

  • Charles Lim

    Charles Lim is a Singaporean artist whose practice stems from an intimate, bodily engagement with the natural world, mediated and informed by field research and experimentation, performance, drawing, photography and video. In 2015, he represented Singapore at the 56th Venice Biennale.

  • Mangkhut (Jeremy Sharma)

    Jeremy Sharma often conflates different mediums and disciplines together to form ambiguous forms and unstable statuses of objects. His work frequently deals with the ontology of things and the capacity for voids to be made, occupied, heard or visualised. Jeremy works and lives in Singapore.

  • Ong Kian Peng

    Ong Kian Peng is a Singaporean media artist. He is interested in nature, sound and our perceptual apparatus; often resulting in works with that employs a combination of sound, digital media and kinetic forms. Kian Peng was awarded the President's Young Grand Prize in 2015. He also runs Supernormal.space.

  • Weixin Quek Chong

    Weixin Quek Chong is a Singaporean visual artist whose practice explores materiality, the afterlives of images and the relationships between the digital, organic, and aesthetic. The effects and methods of translating images across materials are core to her practice. She was awarded the President’s Young Talents 2018 Grand Prize.

  • Syntfarm (Andreas Schlegel and Vladimir Todorovic)

    Andreas Schlegel works across disciplines and creates artifacts, tools and interfaces where art meets technology in a curious way. His practice is concerned with emerging and open source technologies where outcomes are driven by computation, interaction and networked systems. 


    Vladimir Todorovic is an artist and educator working with new technologies for immersive and generative storytelling. His projects have won several awards and have been showcased at various festivals, exhibitions, museums and galleries.


  • Hsin-Jen Wang

    Hsin-Jen Wang, a.k.a. Aluan Wang, is a Taiwanese artist who specialises in media art utilising open source software, and is known for his laptop-based audiovisual performances. Since 2010, he has been deeply involved in OpenLab Taipei — a hackerspace that promotes the maker spirit and open source software.

  • Tsan-Cheng Wu

    Tsan-Cheng Wu is a Taiwanese artist who focuses on sound and video creation. For the last ten years, he has contemplated sound and experimented with its possibilities. He started Taiwan Sound Map Project in 2011, and intends to finish it by 2021.

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