School kids painting in ArtScience MuseumSchool kids painting in ArtScience Museum


Explore what we have to offer preschool, primary and secondary school groups.

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ArtScience Museum offers an engaging range of activities and resources for school groups at preschool, primary and secondary levels. Learn more with:

Resources for educators

These are free and downloadable under the 'Exhibitions' tab above. They provide information about the objects and themes to be explored during your group's visit, together with curriculum links.

Printed educational resources tailored to the exhibition content

Student resources are customised for different levels: pre-school, primary and secondary and linked to school curriculum. Educator resources for primary and secondary levels provide detailed information about the exhibition which can be used before or after a visit to the Museum.

Exhibition guided tours delivered by our trained Docents

Booked groups can enjoy a complimentary exhibition guided tour by docents, including plenty of opportunity for discussion to encourage critical thinking. Our tours are offered to groups with a minimum of 20 students and are subject to availability.

Hands-on, creative workshops and demonstrations

Our workshops provide deeper understanding of themes related to the exhibition and allow students to explore their creativity. Creative workshops are offered to groups with a minimum of 20 students and are subject to availability.

Exhibition enhancements and activities

Additional interactive opportunities are on offer to all school groups at ArtScience Museum. Refer to 'Exhibitions' for more details.

We hope to see you soon!

Light and Color

Future World: Where Art Meets Science

(Permanent Exhibition – Now Showing)

Immerse yourself in a futuristic world of high-tech interactive digital artworks in Future World: Where Art Meets Science. Created in collaboration with teamLab, a globally renowned interdisciplinary arts collective, the exhibition showcases an intersection between art, science, magic and metaphor through a collection of cutting-edge digital installations. Conceived as a dynamic, flexible, media-driven show, the exhibition will continue to refresh over time as the fields of art and science evolve. Visitors can build their own digital universe, learn and play together using a combination of physical and digital technology.

School Workshops
In addition to a self-guided visit to Future World, our bespoke workshops at an additional S$3 per student, complement themes and ideas from the exhibition. All workshops are developed in-house, led by our trained ambassadors and delivered in our fully digital workshop space.

Express Yourself: Sounds workshop – 60 minutes (3 years and above)

Creative Aquarium workshop – 45 minutes (4 – 12 years)

Architecture Adventure workshop – 45 minutes (4 years and above)

Light & Colour workshop – 60 minutes (5 years and above)

Make Your Own Music Machine workshop – 60 minutes (5 years and above)

Make Your Own Tote Bag workshop – 60 minutes (5 years and above)

Make Your Own Minimal Art Print – 60 minutes (5 years and above)

Make Your Own Sun Goggles – 60 minutes (5 years and above)

Play with Coding workshop – 60 minutes (5 years and above)

Express Yourself 2.0 workshop – 60 minutes (7 years and above)

Playmaking Session – 60 minutes (7 years and above)

‘Feyn’ Out About Nano! – 60 minutes (7 years and above)

Click here for more details of available workshops.


Light and Color

Disney: Magic of Animation

(26 October 2019 – 29 March 2020)

Uncover the magic behind Walt Disney Animation Studios’ most beloved animated movies. This exhibition explores both the art and the science of animation – a filmmaking technique which Disney have pioneered and perfected for almost a century. The show reveals the 20th century technologies and scientific innovations that revolutionised filmmaking throughout the century including projections, audio-visual displays, alluring exhibits that transport visitors into the world of Disney’s films,

and hands-on educational activities.

Go behind-the-scenes at the Walt Disney Animation Studios and delve into a world of art and technology developed by the talented artists and production teams behind the films.

Guided Tours – 60 minutes (5 years & above)

Animation needs a lot more than pixie dust and heart! Join us on a magical journey to delve into the world of animation and discover how technologies and scientific innovations had transformed filmmaking in the past 90 years!

Our year-round offering of signature workshops are tailored to the age and abilities of preschoolers to tertiary students, encouraging them to explore art-science in a hands-on setting and express themselves creatively. Workshops complement MOE subject syllabuses and are subject to availability, catered for 40 pax per session.  


Express Yourself: Sounds

Express Yourself: Sounds 

Suitable for 3 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes

Respond to different types of music by using art as a medium to create a beautiful composition on canvas. Participants will use from an array of materials provided while tuning in to their favourite song to create their own artwork.

Creative Aquarium

Creative Aquarium 

Suitable for 4 – 12 years
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
45 minutes

Participants will discover the diversity of life and what makes a healthy ecosystem by putting together their own environments and creating their own digital sea creatures. They will also receive a take-home paper bag aquarium.

Architecture Adventure

Architecture Adventure

Suitable for 4 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes 

Free Pre-visit Resources for Educators downloadable here:

Pre-school/Lower Primary: Enjoy a specially-written and illustrated story about Ah Tek and his adventure with different animal friends. Enjoy singing and dancing to the Building Shapes song (the free MP3 file will be emailed to you on confirmation of booking), and find shapes on a tour of the ArtScience Museum building. 

Upper Primary: Explore structure and shapes in this interactive tour and workshop. Enjoy an illustrated story, understand the key features of the ArtScience Museum building, learn how buildings stay up, and in teams, construct a new and iconic accommodation block.

Secondary: Enjoy an interactive tour of the iconic ArtScience Museum building, including sketching and design activities. Complete your journey with a team construction challenge, where using new materials, you need to design and build an accommodation block with a difference.

Light & Colour

Light & Colour 

Suitable for 5 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes

Experience light and colour through various hands-on experiments such as using a spectrophotometer to discover different spectrums. Walk into a dark room and witness the impact of colour through observations.

Make Your Own Music Machine

Make Your Own Music Machine 

Suitable for 5 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes

Unleash your inner musician! Learn about the science of music through our hands-on activities, including demonstrations of musical instruments and making your own music machine from scratch. Participants will discover different ways how sound can be made through hands-on exploration of musical instruments.

Make Your Own Tote Bag

Make Your Own Tote Bag 

Suitable for 5 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes

In this workshop, participants will learn more about the processes of silkscreen printing; from the preparation of a screen to printing on fabric using special inks and tools. They will then create their own print combination and colourway on a totebag.

Make Your Own Minimal Art Print

Make Your Own Minimal Art Print 

Suitable for 5 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes

Channel your inner Herrera and design a minimalist print using visual elements such as colour, shape and form. Have a play with composition, size and placement to achieve a visually interesting work of art to bring home.

Make Your Own Sun Goggles

Make Your Own Sun Goggles 

Suitable for 5 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes

Look through the eyes of artist Olafur Eliasson and experiment with light, colour and shapes - three elements which he uses in his art installations - and create your own sun goggles!

Play with Coding

Play with Coding 

Suitable for 5 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes

Explore the basics of coding using a unique programme only available at ArtScience Museum! Discover coding which are used in our daily lives and witness how coding can be fun with engaging activities.

Express Yourself 2.0

Express Yourself 2.0 

Suitable for 7 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes

In this second edition of our Express Yourself workshop, participants will experience the art of seeing through an exploration of various languages in drawing. Pick a favourite part of the Museum as your subject matter and create your own stylistic version on canvas!

Playmaking Session

Playmaking Session 

Suitable for 7 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes

Get inspired by Dutch artist, Theo Jansen’s creation of the Strandbeests which are made from seemingly ordinary materials and join us in a playmaking session where participants will have the opportunity to experiment with bold and simple engineering in an open-ended session!

‘Feyn’ Out About Nano

‘Feyn’ Out About Nano 

Suitable for 7 years & above
20 (Minimum no. of participants) – 40 (Maximum no. of participants)
60 minutes

Learn how Richard Feynman was widely credited as the kick-starter of modern interest in nanotechnology. Students will be given the opportunity to discover how nanotechnology behaves in different scales and explores its nature and the way it impacts the things surrounding us.

School Group Visits

Special rates are offered to school groups of 20 or more students.

Plan a self-guided visit to see our exhibitions, or combine your visit with an add-on facilitated tour or workshop. 



Price Per Student

Single Exhibition


Future World: Where Art Meets Science 
Permanent exhibition 


Disney: Magic of Animation
26 October 2019 – 29 March 2020  

Double Exhibitions


Future World: Where Art Meet Science +
Disney: Magic of Animation  



Option of Guided Tour or Workshop


Workshop(s) without Exhibition Entry


*All prices are subject to change without notice.

Guided Tours and Workshops

Guided tours and workshops are available from Tuesdays to Thursdays10.15am, 11.30am, 2.45pm and 4.00pm for a minimum of 20 students and maximum 25 students per slot. Please be advised that facilitated sessions are subject to availability.

Tours are currently offered for Disney: Magic of Animation only.
 Please note that the maximum capacity for Wonderland School Guided Tours (4 years & above) are capped at 40 students.


Tote Board Arts Grant Subsidy

The following programmes are eligible for the National Arts Council’s Tote Board Arts Grant subsidy:

•        Future World: Where Art Meets Science exhibition

•        Disney: Magic of Animation 

•        Creative Aquarium workshop

•        Light & Colour workshop

•        Architecture Adventure workshop 

•        Express Yourself 2.0 workshop

•        Express Yourself: Sounds workshop

•        Make Your Own Music Machine workshop

•        Make Your Own Tote Bag workshop

•        Make Your Sun Goggles workshop

•        Make Your Own Minimal Art Print workshop

•        ‘Feyn’ Out About Nano workshop

•        Playmaking Session workshop

•        Play with Coding workshop

•        A Hat-trick of Clever Tricks workshop

•        Stand Up and Speak Out workshop

Upon making full payment, schools will be issued with the Letter of Eligibility (LOE) when their visit to the museum has been completed.



Advanced reservations of at least five working days is required. Please contact us at to book your visit.

If you wish to request to see the museum before your scheduled visit, please email us at least five working days in advance to arrange an appointment. Site recces are hosted by a museum staff on weekdays, and cater for up to five educators.


  • Please ensure that the chartered bus driver is familiar with the alighting point, Sands Expo and Convention Centre.
  • Please check for directions to the museum once your students are alighted.

Arrival and Admission

  • Please plan on arriving at the museum 20 minutes before your scheduled visit to allow time for payment and admission.
  • Please have a total count of students and teachers before making payment.
  • All large school bags need to be checked in with our Visitor Services staff in the museum lobby.
  • A museum Docent will meet your group when you arrive.

Cancellation Policy

  • All requests to change or cancel existing bookings must be made in writing via email to In the email, include your name, telephone number, name of the school and date of booking.
  • Three-day advance notice is required for cancellation of bookings.

Payment and Refund Policies

  • Tickets will only be issued upon receipt of full payment.
  • There are no refunds or exchanges on tickets once payment is processed.
  • Tickets are subject to availability at the time of booking.
  • Conditions of sale apply.


  • Please notify us of any access needs when making your booking.
  • Wheelchairs are available, free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please approach our Visitor Service staff for assistance.

Consideration for Others

  • Although discussion in the galleries is encouraged, please keep voices respectfully low.
  • Please help to keep your group together during the whole course of the visit.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off while in the galleries.
  • Please ask your students not to run in the galleries.

Respect for Museum Objects

  • Please ask your students not to touch any of the objects in the Museum. The invisible oil on the fingertips leaves a film on any surface touched. Over time, these marks attract dust and pollutants from the air, damaging and obscuring surfaces.
  • Please ask your students to refrain from pointing or gesturing when close to unprotected works of art.

Photography & Video Recording

  • Photography and filming are strictly prohibited in the galleries unless otherwise stated.

Food and Beverage

  • Please do not carry or consume any food or drink.
  • There are no designated picnic areas within the museum. However, subject to availability, we can sometimes accommodate smaller groups eating their packed lunches or snacks. Please call us to discuss this possibility in advance of your booking.

Other Information

  • In case of emergency, students should know that they can ask for help from a security guard or any museum staff. If there is an emergency at the museum, please follow the instructions of security and museum staff.
  • Restrooms can be found on each floor.
  • The museum reserves the right to ask groups or individuals behaving in an offensive or unreasonable manner to leave the site.

ArtScience Museum is dedicated to creating positive and enjoyable experiences within the museum for you. An array of special services are offered to make our exhibitions and events as accessible as possible.

In addition to the provisions listed below, you may contact with further enquiries or to discuss any further ways the museum may better provide for your visit.


  • Both museum entrances are automatic.
  • All levels of ArtScience Museum can be accessed via the two lifts.
  • Handicapped parking is available at Marina Bay Sands car park. The closest car park to ArtScience Museum is the North Car Park.
  • Manual Wheelchairs are available upon request free of charge. Please visit our Visitor Services counter located in the lobby, or contact
  • Wheelchair-friendly washrooms are located on every floor of the museum.
  • All walk-through spaces within the galleries are at least 1.2 metres in width to accommodate wheelchairs.
  • Standard-sized motorised wheelchairs are permitted in the galleries.

Service Dogs

  •  Service dogs are welcomed at ArtScience Museum.

Nursing Rooms

  • Nursing Rooms are located on levels B1 and B2, next to the washrooms.

School Groups

  • In addition to the provisions listed below, you may contact with further enquiries or to discuss any further ways the museum may better provide for your visit.

Further Information

  • Water coolers can be found near the bathrooms on floors B1 and B2.
  • Child friendly toilet seats can be found in the accessible stalls in both male and female bathrooms.
  • People with disabilities are offered a discounted rate under the concession price class
  • Strollers are welcome within the museum.
  • Free Wifi is available throughout ArtScience Museum.
  • If First Aid is required, please approach one of our staff from the Visitor Services team located at Level 1.
  • Bags may be stored behind Visitor Service counter located at Level 1.
  • Exhibition space is climate controlled for artefact conservation reasons. You may wish to dress warmly during your visit.