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Discover the possible futures of Singapore 200 years from now through a series of immersive installations, meditative spaces, films, paintings and sculptures.

Inspired by the work of Singaporean writer and poet Alvin Pang, 2219: Futures Imagined marks this year’s Singapore Bicentennial by looking two centuries into the future.

While we cannot be entirely sure what is to come, each

section of this exhibition hinges on the scientific certainty that changes in our climate will require us all to adapt. This massive global transformation will act as a backdrop, upon which Singapore’s daily life, communities, cultures and traditions will evolve and change.

Neither a utopian or dystopian view of the distant future and resisting the clichés of science fiction, this exhibition focuses on small, human-scale acts of innovation and contemplation. The exhibition intends for visitors to reflect on what kind of future they want for Singapore, and what actions they may be prepared to take in order to bring that future into being.

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Average time spent: 1 hour

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Tue – Thu
10.15am, 11.30am, 2.45pm and 4pm
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Free for all students studying in local institutions.

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S$3 per student

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Suitable for 12 years and above

Interactive Activity


Interactive Trail

Young visitors are invited to imagine that they find themselves in the distant future with very little memory of how they got there. Using a mysterious folder of fragments of clues and riddles as well as hints trailed throughout the exhibition, they get to piece together the story of how the future came to be.

The interactive trail is accompanied by a downloadable guide that contains extra information such as the objective and outcome based on the respective trail stops. 

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