David Beckham behind the scenes of the Never Settle videoDavid Beckham behind the scenes of the Never Settle video



From the filming of the ‘Never Settle’ commercial with David Beckham at Marina Bay Sands


  • Filming took place over two days, involving overnight shoots that began at 4am on the first day. Most of the filming was done within cordoned off areas, under tight security conditions and in the wee hours of the morning - this was to ensure minimal disruption to the guest operations of Marina Bay Sands, which welcomes nearly 110,000 visitors on a daily basis. 
  • A total of 25.5 hours were spent filming the commercial to gather eight hours of footage, which were edited down to a 2 minute full commercial, and shorter 30- and 60-second versions. 
  • Over 100 Team Members were involved in the filming process to support the 125-pax professional crew on site. These behind-the-scenes heroes, spanning across MICE and Hotel operations, banquet, Visual Media, security, butler service and facilities, were responsible for providing a total of 500 hot meals, coordinating traffic flow, transporting tons of equipment from various locations, providing security and helping set the stage for each scene.
  • The production offices which housed wardrobe and equipment for the commercial was as big as a Sands Expo and Convention Centre ballroom, which is equivalent to a 3-room HDB flat.
  • One of the taxi stands was temporarily moved to the Convention Centre in order to cater for David Beckham’s drive-in scene.
  • The ArtPath installations provided a key backdrop for many of the scenes in the commercial.As one of the largest art commissions ever completed as part of an integrated architectural process, the Art Path comprises 11 large-scale art installations created by eight internationally renowned artists.   
    • At the Lion’s Bridge, David Beckham is seen looking at the shiny surface of Zhan Wang’s Artificial Rock #71 and #86 which are abstract sculptures inspired by The Scholar’s Rock in China. In other scenes, Antony Gormley’s Drift, the 3D stainless steel matrix that hangs cloud-like in the air at Hotel Tower 1, makes its appearance. David Beckham was also filmed in front of Ned Khan’s Wind Arbor, made up of 260,000 aluminum metal “flappers” covering the facade of the Hotel.
  • Due to the secrecy of the campaign, David Beckham had to travel to the various locations through the back-of-house routes, and only appearing right before filming commenced.  The tons of equipment also follow the same routes in the labyrinth of passages known as the Heart of House – an area that has its own 7-Eleven store, ATM machines, clinic, a Uniform Room and Dining Rooms that serve over 8,000 meals a day for Team Members.
  • Still, David Beckham took a walk around The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands – much to the delight of guests, who took quick snaps of the star during these rare public moments. The pictures went viral on social media and gave rise to speculations that Beckham was in Singapore to film an advertisement for a fashion brand, when it was actually for the ‘Never Settle’ campaign.