Entry and Exit Points


Point of EntryOpening Hours
1Black Tap24 hours
2DBS/Jason's Deli24 hours
3Bayfront MRT Exit C6am to 12am
4Bayfront MRT Exit D6am to 12am
(Exit only: 12am to 6am)
5DaPaolo Gastronomia24 hours24 hours
6B3/B4 North Carpark24 hours
7B3/B4 South Carpark24 hours
8B3/B4 Central Carpark24 hours
9Rain Oculus12pm to 11pm
10Hotel Tower 124 hours
11Hotel Tower 324 hours
12Coach Bay24 hours
13Yard Bird/Bread Street Kitchen11am to 10.30pm
(Entry only)
14Casino Atrium24 hours
15MICE24 hours