Bimba Y Lola

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Founded in 2005, Spanish female apparel brand Bimba Y Lola was incepted by two sisters in Bilbao, Spain. Their source of inspiration is the playful spirit of Spain invoked by nature, film, art and the closeness of family. The importance of family to Bimba Y Lola is reflected in their father’s contribution to the global expansion of the brand as he co-founds a clothing and accessories distribution company.

There is plenty of room for fun at Bimba Y Lola, with colourful and whimsical designs in each seasonal collection revolving around a story. For its Spring/Summer 2018 #thisisSUMMEROFLOVE campaign, the brand commissioned UK graphic illustrator Hattie Stewart and Chilian artist Josero Mussi to produce playful and funky 1970s inspired prints. Bimba Y Lola also creates its very own SoundCloud tracks for each campaign.

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Shop Bimba Y Lola’s seasonal ready-to-wear collection sits alongside bags, leather goods, shoes, jewellery, scarves, sunglasses and hats at Marina Bay Sands.

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