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Since its founding in 1780, Parisian jeweller CHAUMET has had its roots steeped in the royal history of France. CHAUMET founder Marie-Etienne Nitot started off as a court jeweller to French military leader and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. His Majesty acknowledged the jeweller’s fine craftsmanship and granted Nitot the honour of fashioning tiaras for his empresses. Soon after, the Maison was anointed official jeweller – a role that would see him honing his craft for many noble names and royalty throughout French history, including Empress Josephine, who played an important role in shaping the CHAUMET spirit thanks to her femininity and independence.

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CHAUMET’s craftsmanship in High Jewellery savoir-faire has continued through many generations of master jewellers in the past 235 years to present day. The process includes the careful selection of diamond and precious gems with exceptional purity and gleam – then sculpturing them to various cuts or the Maison’s signature cut – before setting these gems into the jewellery piece and polishing them to perfection.

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