Miki House

  • Children's Fashion & Maternity

MIKI HOUSE originates from love for children. Since our founding in Japan in 1971, MIKI HOUSE has put children first and focused on crafting products that bring smiles to children and their families. MIKI HOUSE ensures that every item is made with the utmost care, with excellent Japanese craftsmanship at the heart of our babywear. The products we offer in stores are not limited to baby and children's clothes; we also have a wide range of products such as shoes, accessories and bags.

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The Marina Bay Sands store is our only store in Southeast Asia that sells the "MIKI HOUSE Gold Label," which is made with the finest materials in the world. We provide genuine products befitting sensitive children, such as baby clothes and T-shirts made from the rare, high-quality "Sea-Island Cotton/海島綿".