Jog Around Marina Bay

If you’re an avid runner and in Singapore on holiday or on a business trip, you might wonder where in the city you can continue your daily running habit. Fortunately, the areas around Marina Bay Sands and the CBD are filled with pleasant trails that offer splendid sights and sounds for joggers. 

Route 1: Marina bay Route

Marina Bay waterfront itself is a great place to jog to experience the iconic city skyline. From the Helix Bridge to Merlion Park, you can jog all around the bay and take in the city from different angles. Ultramodern skyscrapers, dramatic colonial architecture, and the abundance of the flora which Singapore is so famous for, will tempt you to stop every few steps and whip out your camera!

Route 2: Gardens by The Bay Route

If you’re a nature lover, wake up early and head directly to Gardens by the Bay. Entry into the outer gardens is free, and the dewy green lawns and quiet paths are perfect for a relaxed morning jog, while offering you spectacular city views. Gardens by the Bay is also a fascinating place to be in, just to experience the sustainable technology that goes into making it work!

Along the River

If you start early, you can jog all the way up the Singapore River without too much hassle from the early-morning crowd. Make your way to Boat Quay where the colourful shophouses and godowns harken back to an era when bumboats used to bring spices, grains, and other goods from ships harboured in the distance. Further up is Clarke Quay, a vibrant nightlife spot where live music, restaurants, and bars delight weekend revellers. And if you continue on, you’ll hit Robertson Quay, with its wide open spaces, quiet restaurants, and stylish apartments. Carry on further and you will find yourself on quiet streets overlooking the river, with overhanging trees. Once you get to the main road, you can decide if you want to carry on along the canal and go deeper into the residential areas, or turn back towards the city. 
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Here are some tips to bear in mind when jogging around the city. Firstly, remember that Singapore can get very hot and humid once the sun rises. Start early in the morning, or jog in the evening, if you want to beat the heat. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and a cap if you are prone to heat exhaustion. Remember to stay hydrated before and after your jog. Secondly, the city can get crowded pretty fast on weekday mornings, so start your jog well before rush hour if you want an uninterrupted run. Finally, remember to wear brightly-coloured clothing if you’re jogging at night, especially around narrow side streets in the CBD. Other than that, just enjoy being in one of the world’s most exciting cities, and happy running!
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