Immersive Experiences in Singapore

In recent years, immersive experiences have become a popular thing to do and Singapore is no stranger to embracing the thrill of VR in all forms. From VR escape rooms and games to cinematic immersive experiences, tech-savvy enthusiasts are right at home when clad in VR gear and plunged into virtual experiences drenched in colourful pixels.

Two men with VR headset for an immersive experience in Singapore, ArtScience Museum

Best VR Activities in Singapore

Virtual reality experiences are an enjoyable family activity in Singapore to create fond memories together. With friends, it’s a great bonding activity that is as challenging as it is fun. Whether it’s an exhilarating chase sequence, a mindboggling maze or an immersive experience transcending the boundaries of nature and reality, there is always something for all ages and interests.

People enjoying an immersive VR experience at ArtScience Museum, Singapore

VR experiences are popular in Singapore due to their immersive nature; visitors can discover a new plane of reality with its first-person perspective, allowing users to unravel a different world for themselves. With VR, visitors are transported into alternate realities that transcend imaginations–you could be anywhere from the quiet depths of the ocean, to hiking the brutal incline of the Swiss Alps with the wind biting your face.

ArtScience Museum: The VR Gallery

Located in the futuristic ArtScience Museum, the VR Gallery houses state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology that provide the ultimate VR experience in Singapore. Tech enthusiasts, art connoisseurs and those looking for a dreamlike escape can expect a smooth and seamless VR experience with the latest gear and innovative facilities. This immersive experience also makes for a perfect weekend activity in Singapore that will stimulate your senses and add excitement to your week.

The sophisticated facilities and gear in the VR Gallery make it the best place for an immersive experience in Singapore with a variety of programmes. Past iterations have seen iconic virtual exhibitions and award-winning virtual reality experiences, attracting numerous visitors in Singapore and worldwide.

Quality VR headset at the immersive VR experience at ArtScience Museum

From high-end sound equipment for a rich 360º surround sound to 4K projectors for crisp images, robust colour and stunning graphics that simulate a visual feast for your eyes, the VR Gallery is just the place for heart-warming narratives of love, tales of adventure into fascinating worlds, or sci-fi visions of the future to come alive. Strap into your VR headgear and controllers, let loose your inhibitions and fully immerse in the captivating virtual reality experience that the VR Gallery has to offer.

Now Showing – Samsara

The gallery’s latest opening, Samsara, is Taiwanese artist Hsin-Chien Huang’s exploration of the collective human existence on Earth. This VR artwork is a daring foray into the concept of spiritual transcendence, with post-apocalyptic scenes featuring Earth in ruin.

Poster for immersive VR experience, Samsara, in Singapore

Lose yourself in the transcendent, out-of-body reincarnation experience. The VR gear takes you to the highs of heaven and reveals the grisly side of war and destruction. Leap through the sublime vastness of the solar system, with the fiery burning of the Sun at your fingertips, and the cold, lonely desolation of Uranus.

Samsara was awarded the top prize by the judges at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in Texas, USA and the “Best VR Story” prize at Cannes XR during the Cannes Film Market.

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Past Immersive Experiences at the VR Gallery

The Gallery has exhibited virtual experiences for all kinds of visitors, including first-time VR users, children and adults. Past exhibitions include Aquasia, The Starry Sand Beach, The Line, We Live in an Ocean of Air and Spacewalkers.



Poster for past immersive VR experience, Aquasia, in Singapore

Think glittering metallic structures housing sustainable energy plants, the lively rush of clean water sources and the vivacious colours of the day’s bountiful harvest.

This immersive experience unveils the fictional setting of a marine utopia, Aquasia, the very first virtual reality experience that offers visitors an eye-opening glimpse into a futuristic floating urban town in Asia. Public infrastructure is reimagined with the artists’ magic twists for an immersive experience that blends art and science. Visitors experience firsthand the pressing consequences of rising sea levels and leave the exhibition enriched with purpose.

The Starry Sand Beach

Poster for immersive VR experience, The Starry Sand Beach, in Singapore

Set against the background of an enchanting coastal setting, the legend of Taketomi Island and the fascinating origins of the star-shaped sand species, foraminifera, unfold in virtual reality in The Starry Sand Beach, a captivating narrative. Adults and children alike frolic amongst the cheeky twinkle of tiny stars as they explore the vast expanse of the ocean floor within the VR Gallery.

The Line

Poster for immersive VR experience, The Line, at ArtScience Museum

Nestled in the bustling city of 1940s São Paulo is the humble yet touching love story of two star-struck lovers, Pedro and Rosa. The story unravels in the quaint, light washes of colour in São Paulo as visitors are transported into the shoes of a child who unlocks the magic of this world.

With 360º surround sound capturing every breath the characters hold and each shift in their step, The Line at ArtScience Museum provides the ultimate immersive VR experience that leaves visitors with an unexplainable ache in their heart.

We Live in an Ocean of Air

Poster for immersive VR experience, at ArtScience Museum

Produced by London-based immersive art collective Marshmallow Laser Feast, We Live in an Ocean of Air is a multi-sensory immersive experience that relies on advanced motion sensors and 3D audio systems to simulate a surreal environment where air, water and nature bind seamlessly as one. A feast for all the senses, visitors experience the ultimate virtual reality experience in this virtual exhibition. The artists blur the boundary between the hyperreality of the immersive experience and the physical reality of the user, combining both realities for a sensorial fiesta.


Astronaut, a poster for immersive VR experience, Spacewalkers, at ArtScience Museum

Created by German filmmaker and animator Jörg Courtial, Spacewalkers transcends the boundaries between reality and fiction through an exploration of life beyond Earth. Visitors step into Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit as the first human on the Moon; with the quiet whirring of their spaceship in the background, they trek the Moon’s craters in sublime quiet, and feel the rattle of their souls in this out-of-this-world experience.

ArtScience Musem: Exhibitions

The exciting installations at ArtScience Museum will leave you with a greater appreciation of the world and are an excellent starting point to introduce your little ones to art and science.

Future World: Where Art Meets Science

Head to the Future World exhibition and uncover a fantastical fusion of technology, imagination and magic with a series of engaging art installations through its two main sections: City in a Garden and Exploring New Frontiers. Journey through the exhibition’s playful spin on Singapore’s iconic cityscapes that will have you in awe at the stunning visuals, and uncover the symbiotic coexistence of nature and technology in the Lion City.

Art installation for Future World in Singapore at ArtScience Museum

Delve into the mesmeric field of flora and fauna at the Proliferating Immense Life installation that responds to your presence, blooming and withering as you weave between the flowers. Let your imagination run wild and see your creations come alive at the Sketch Aquarium. Bask in the kaleidoscope of colourful lights and be a pilot of your own creation at Sketch Flight. Finally, step into the bedazzled brilliance of Crystal Universe for a photo-worthy finish.

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New Eden: Science Fiction Mythologies Transformed

Film installation for the exhibition New Eden in Singapore, at ArtScience Museum

New Eden questions age-old notions of science fiction by introducing fresh perspectives that challenge traditions and ideas that have pervaded the world of science. The programme includes film screenings, tours and masterclasses to broaden visitors’ perspectives in all mediums.

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Mars: The Red Mirror

Astronaut for Mars: The Red Mirror, an exhibition in Singapore, at ArtScience Museum

Discover the interwoven history of Mars and humanity in Mars: The Red Mirror, which traces 12,000 years of human interest in the red planet. From ancient manuscripts to modern theories and contemplations on the planet, the exhibition features an exciting and insightful curation of installations that reflect humanity’s collective anxieties and optimism for future progress in the field of planetary science.

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Escape reality with rich, immersive experiences at the VR Gallery. From abstract depictions of nature that warp our common understanding to the emotional representations of human connections, basking in the quiet relief of virtual reality experiences can grant you a break from fast-paced urbanity.