Playing Chess with RobotPlaying Chess with Robot


Singapore’s a tech-paradise in many ways, from high speed Internet and the latest gadgets on sale, to near-field communications and contactless shopping and travelling options. But when you’re done with the utilitarian side, there’s a whole world of geek indulgence spread across the island and there’s always something cool to do in Singapore if you identify with the geek side!
Telescope Dome

Start feeding your inner geek with a trip to the Singapore Science Centre. This place is packed with several permanent exhibits, and many great visiting projects, such as Transformers and The Human Body Experience, for people of all ages.

The Science Centre is neatly categorised into the several fields of science and mathematics. Most of the exhibits are interactive so you can get really hands on with charging electric currents up a Jacob’s Ladder or watching the world’s weather patterns on a spinning disc screen.

Indoor Movie

For a truly immersive movie experience, the Science Centre features the OmniMax Theatre, where you can watch IMAX movies and documentaries on a five-storey high dome theatre that uses the latest NanoSeam screens. And if you’re in the mood, the store sells astronaut ice cream in neapolitan flavours.

The store is right besides another one that sells telescopes and optical mounts. And on certain nights of the week the Science Centre opens its observatory to visitors so if you’re into astronomy make sure you catch this event.


If robotics and cutting edge mechatronics is more your style, head to the Institution of Technical Education (ITE) campuses or the polytechnics to watch the Singapore Robotics Games. This event features robots climbing walls, playing soccer, and performing activities underwater. Of course no robotics competition is complete with a bout of sumo-style knockout games.

Each event is organised independently so check out the websites of these campuses for more information and how to attend.

If you’re into flying games and want to take your skills to a whole new level, consider visiting Flight Experience, minutes from Marina Bay Sands. This simulator is as close to the real deal with pilot training and flight sessions in a cockpit that’s been approved by the Singapore Civil Aviation Authority.

For the total experience, you can even complete an airline interview and pass through a fully simulated version of customs and border control before stepping into the command seat of a Boeing 737NG!

Computer Gamer

For the computer gamers, Singapore has no shortage of gaming cafés spread around the island, and these are a favourite activity in Singapore for many locals. These heavy-duty Internet and LAN-based centres have scores of computers with the latest games streaming out of powerful surround speakers, headphones, and high definition screens. Check out the hourly or daily rates then book yourself in for some serious fun.

And if all else fails, there’s always Solitaire.

If you’re more of the old school gamer, head to a boardgames café. These little bistros have stacks of boardgames that defined the 1980s and 1990s, from Monopoly™ and Scrabble™ to Pick-Up-Sticks™ and Uno™.

Buy a coffee and scone and grab any of the games from the shelves. If you’re alone you can always ask to join a group, which may well require an extra player.

Of course, being in Singapore, you can always play the retail therapy game. Head to the JTSH Cafe to pick up authentic merchandise, or check out all the movie memorabilia, from swords and sabers to limited edition figurines and trading cards.

And with several wifi hotspots around the island, you’re only ever a few clicks away from sharing your photos of your hard-shopped loot on your own website or across your social media channels.