Business woman in a suit holding onto an iPad, one of the best tech gifts for women

Best Tech Gifts for Women

Celebrate milestones or achievements for the women in your life with the best tech gifts that will facilitate her lifestyle, aid her productivity, or improve her quality of life. Consider a set of exceptional speakers to enrich her audio indulgence or a modern smartwatch to keep her connected and healthy. These tech gifts are a wonderful way to express your love during special celebrations like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.


Gifting a sonic powerhouse is an excellent way to elevate your special someone’s audiophile status. A speaker livens up the atmosphere of any room and injects an inviting ambience into any space, whether it’s over a quiet cup of coffee or a lavish dinner party with guests.

Devialet Phantom

The Devialet Phantom packs an extensive sound setup into delicately engineered components for a rich and profound audio profile. The patented Heart Bass Implosion (HBI), developed specifically for the Phantom, guarantees an intense listening experience for any music lover. Users wield complete control over their device with features like Wi-Fi, AirPlay2 and even Spotify Connect capabilities, making it the ultimate tech gift for women, offering seamless listening at home.


More than chic and stylish timepieces to dress an outfit, smartwatches pack a punch when it comes to organisation, fitness tracking and convenience on the go.

Apple Watch Series 9

Go pro with the Apple Watch Series 9, a revolutionary smartwatch that pushes the boundaries of wearable technology. Harnessing the power of its all new dual-core CPU with 5.6 billion transistors, the Apple Watch Series 9 smooths out the kinks in everyday life, with improved responsiveness that receives information faster than ever before. A perfect fusion of fashion and technology with seamless integration into daily life, this innovative tech gadget tops the charts of tech gift ideas for women.

Man in a suit, looking at his smartphone, a tech gadget

Best Tech Gifts for Men

Gifting your loved ones, friends or work acquaintances a functional and useful tech gift is a thoughtful gesture to celebrate their achievements, convey your appreciation or motivate them in their career. Tech products like high-fidelity earphones with exceptional sound quality or a laptop with optimal specs serve as timeless gift ideas, suitable for Father's Day celebration or other special occasions.


Music, podcasts, and conversations come alive with noise-cancelling earphones that provide a silent sanctuary. Wireless with hours of charge to support a day of listening on the go, earphones are ideal tech gift ideas for your friends and loved ones who appreciate convenience and high-quality sound.

Apple AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro offers the ultimate listening experience for sound enthusiasts and casual earphone users alike, proving to be one of the best tech gifts. Designed for comfort and quality, this gift is the perfect addition for anyone in the Apple ecosystem. Ear tips mould to fit the user’s ear comfortably, with Active Noise Cancellation capabilities to help them tune out in noisy environments. Sweat and water-resistant, the AirPods Pro are great for sessions in the gym and on-the-go listening, making it a perfect tech gift for men.


Laptops are versatile tools that are quintessential for men's varied interests, be it video games or surfing the web. An exceptional gadget gift idea, a laptop serves as a gateway to entertainment, learning, and personal projects, offering both thoughtfulness and practicality.

Apple Macbook Pro

The Macbook Pro with its M3 chip goes beyond productivity, enhancing lifestyle with advanced features like high-quality graphics and fast rendering. Ideal for everything from video editing to gaming, this tech gadget from Apple is a high-performance device that fits seamlessly into the dynamic lives of men, catering to a wide range of interests and projects.

Macbook, smartphone and a tablet, a perfect tech gift idea

Tech Gifts for Productivity Gurus

Tech gifts are no longer extravagant additions to buzzing lifestyles, where every second counts. For hustlers and productivity gurus, tech gifts are an excellent way for them to streamline their routines and optimise their time.


Offering convenience and productivity, tablets are the digital age’s answer to the multitasker’s busy lifestyle. Harnessing the power of processor chips comparable to that of laptops and computers, tablets provide a seamless way for the tech savvy to work from anywhere. Produced with lightweight and compact components for maximum portability, tablets are a dream for productivity powerhouses always in a crunch.

Apple iPad Air

Productivity reaches a new level with Apple’s iPad Air. Light and powerful, the iPad Air’s impressive speed and performance are thanks to the M1 chip that delivers unparalleled power. A perfect tech gift idea for productivity gurus, unlock a new level of convenience with the portable iPad Air that pairs effortlessly with wireless accessories for unhindered efficiency.


Watches are a craftsman’s pride, exquisitely built with a deft hand and meticulous attention to detail. While watches seem to be analogue devices of the past, their intricate designs and the careful assembly of their individual components resonate with the tech enthusiast’s inclination towards impressive features and precise detail, making it a perfect option for a tech gift idea.

Immerse yourself in a world of intricately designed timepieces as you discover a host of luxury watch brands in Singapore.

Watch, a tech gadget in gold and black from TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4

A seamless fusion of style and technology, the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 offers smartwatch capabilities in a sophisticated timepiece. Health tracking features motivate its wearers to stay active, along with a GPS and accelerometer to record outdoor workouts with ease. More than a wrist accessory, the TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 adds flair to the modern smartwatch.

Tech gadgets such as a digital camera, drone and poclet camera for tech enthusiasts

Tech Gifts for Tech Enthusiasts

For tech enthusiasts on the hunt for the latest device or a quirky gadget, ordinary tech gifts just won’t do. Gift your gadget aficionado friends and loved ones a thoughtful present that embodies their knack for endless tinkering and exploration. These gift ideas will surely surprise anyone with an eye for technical finesse and design.


Minimalist and powerful, soundbars elevate living spaces with their sleek design and excellent audio performance. Soundbars condense the maximalist setup of a high-end sound system into an all-in-one sonic powerhouse for an enhanced, immersive experience that tech connoisseurs will appreciate.

Black Devialet soundbar, a perfect tech gift idea for all

Devialet Dione

Celebrate special occasions with a gift to kickstart the festivities with a bang. Stylish, compact and powerful, the Dione is Devialet’s answer to the modern need for a polished product that is as functional as it is sleek. The Devialet Dione packs a mighty punch with French engineered audio technology that delivers 360° surround sound that immerses its listener in a world of rich, vibrant audio like never before.


Specialised features and nifty knobs make professional cameras the ultimate gift for gadget geeks seeking the perfect shot. With delicate lenses that produce crisp photographs, specialised cameras are excellent gifts for industry professionals and film hobbyists alike.

Capture stunning shots with your professional camera at these instagrammable spots in Singapore.

A Leica camera in black, an ideal tech gift for photographers

Leica Q3

With its compact size and meticulous craftsmanship, the Leica Q3 is the ideal camera for industry professionals who need new tools to take their skills and careers to the next level. The 28mm lens provides a balance between wide-angle and portrait capabilities, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor shoots. Designed with manual controls that allow users to fine-tune settings to their precise preferences, the Leica Q3 will surely meet the high standards of industry professionals seeking top-quality tools.

Luxury shops at The Shoppes, to pick out your tech gifts

Tech Stores in The Shoppes

From sleek wearables to smart home gadgets that facilitate everyday routines, these tech stores in The Shoppes will have you covered in your search for the perfect gifts for special occasions.


An architectural marvel situated in the waters of Marina Bay, the Apple store at Marina Bay Sands is a futuristic sight to behold.

Floating Apple store to choose a range of tech gadget gifts

The Apple store’s sleek and functional spherical structure houses the brand’s extensive range of products, from small tech accessories to processing powerhouses like its Macbook, iMac and iPad Pro. Explore a variety of small yet nifty gift ideas for tech lovers, including the HomePod, AirPods, and Apple Watch accessories.

Apple is located at B2-06, The Shoppes.


Offering an unmatched auditory experience where sound transcends mere audio, Devialet specialises in speakers, sound systems and earphone options that embody craftsmanship and innovation. With their unrivalled expertise in sound design, every product in their range is a valuable addition to your gift recipient’s ensemble of everyday tools.

Besides high-fidelity speakers and earphones, Devialet also carries specialised gadgets like amplifiers and vinyl recordings for those with a special interest in music. Whether they enjoy balanced levels with bass and treble adjusted to their liking, or owning design-intricate gadgets that are exquisitely crafted, Devialet’s unique gadgets are the perfect companions for discerning listeners.

Devialet is located at L1-08, The Shoppes.

Leica Camera

In the digital age where visual imagery and high-resolution shots reign, Leica Camera creates tools crafted with German precision for artistic expression. Made for those with a discerning eye, Leica Camera’s range of specialised gear takes the stunning visuals to the next level.

Aside from top-tier photography gear, Leica Camera’s selection of camera equipment includes rangefinder cameras that allow users to manually input and tweak a variety of settings for complete control over their shots. Digital cameras are available as well, with beginner-friendly options for those who just need an extra sparkle in their pictures.

Leica Camera is located at B1-82A, The Shoppes.