Brief History of Sunday Roast

A staple in British households, the Sunday roast serves as a delicious and heartwarming dish for a family get-together. Delve into the rich history of Sunday roasts and learn more about this age-old tradition that started since the 15th century.

Roasted beef, pudding and vegetables on the table for a Sunday lunch

Sunday Lunch Specials

In the 1700s, it was a common British tradition to enjoy a Sunday roast after attending church service. To prepare the meal, families would leave the main dish to cook in a large oven before they left for church, which would yield a perfectly juicy and fragrant meal when they returned. This was usually served during lunchtime, when households would indulge in a satisfying and nourishing feast.

For those whose fireplaces were not big enough for roasting, they would take their meat cuts at a local bakery. The large ovens, idle from bread-making on Sundays, offered the perfect space to prepare the meat for Sunday lunch. Perfectly glossy, fragrant and juicy, the Sunday roast was a marvellous treat to come home to and enjoy together.

Essentials of a Sunday Roast

A classic Sunday roast consists of roasted meat—typically beef or lamb—with Yorkshire pudding and a variety of vegetables on the side. This is usually accompanied by rich, savoury gravy made with the flavourful juices from the meat.

Prime rib is every chef’s favourite cut due to its intricate marbling that guarantees a buttery, umami-rich taste. The meat is generously seasoned with salt and pepper to enhance its inherent flavours, then slow cooked in the oven to bring out a beautiful blend of savoury and smoky tang that plays a delightful duet on your tastebuds.

Vegetables that crisp with every bite and contain sweet and nutty aromas are every food connoisseur’s dream. Being longtime British favourites, carrots, potatoes and brussels sprouts are a staple in every Sunday roast.

Brown and crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, Yorkshire pudding is a baked bread pudding typically served with rich, sinful gravy for Sunday roast.

Occasions for Sunday Roast

In the past, Sunday roasts were a way for families to relax and have a casual meal together where they would chit-chat, share laughter and create fond memories. Today, with the hustle and bustle of modern living, it has become a significant affair, usually organised to commemorate important events or festivals such as Easter and Christmas.

A Christmas feast with wine, roasted turkey and Sunday roast

Easter Sunday

While beef is typically eaten for Sunday roasts, lamb is preferred on Easter Sundays given its religious significance. The tradition of eating lamb on Easter Sunday can be traced back to the first Jewish Passover, when Christians would eat a sacrificial lamb with plain bread and bitter herbs. Families would gather around the table and share a spread of roast lamb, potatoes and pumpkin, sometimes enhanced with aromatics such as garlic, olives and herbs.

Similar to classic Sunday roast meals, Easter Sunday roasts would consist of an array of roasted vegetables and add-ons such as salads, tartare, and soup.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinners call for an extravagant spin on the traditional Sunday roast; meats, side dishes, and desserts are enjoyed in a bright and lively mood to celebrate the season of giving. Christmas dinners are usually eaten on Christmas Eve, or Christmas itself as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

During Christmas, families would tuck into a sumptuous homemade dinner spread. The centrepiece is typically a meticulously prepared turkey roast stuffed with an aromatic stir fry of onions and herbs with pork and breadcrumbs. Side fixings such as potatoes, Christmas ham and cranberry jam are delightful accompaniments to the main course, with Christmas pudding served at the end.

Best Sunday Roasts in Singapore

Relish in a delectable roast this Sunday with our top picks for the best Sunday roasts in Singapore. Whether you enjoy dining with a stunning waterfront view or prefer a cosy, intimate ambience, you’ll find the ideal restaurant at Marina Bay Sands. At the top restaurants serving the best Sunday roasts in Singapore, you can feast to your heart’s content with the delectable menus thoughtfully put together by the finest chefs for your next Sunday lunch.

Roasted lamb with vegetables, pudding and a glass of red wine at the best Sunday roast places in Singapore

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay

A classic plate of Sunday Roast from Bread Street Kichen, the best Sunday roast place in Singapore

Experience the quintessential British Sunday roast at the mecca of English cuisine in Singapore, Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay. Satiate your taste buds with the delicious burgundy beef served with a generous side of vegetables—all of which are roasted to bring out their smoky, nutty, and mildly sweet flavours. The Yorkshire pudding is baked to perfection with a light, fluffy texture, thanks to the high fat content of the butter. 

A glass of cocktail to pair your Sunday roast with your friends in Singapore

Pair your dish with a robust, full-bodied dry wine from a carefully curated selection of red wine that best complements the intense flavours of roast beef.  Sip on the delicate, fruity blend of white peach, green melon and nectarine of Sauvignon Blanc from Veneto, Italy for a light, distinct contrast to the smokiness of the beef, or pair it with the mild, floral and fruity blend of Chardonnay from Burgundy, France for a tart aftertaste that is the perfect complement to your meal.

Clink your glasses to the stunning view at this waterfront bar, and slice into your Sunday roast platter as you bask in the lively, buzzing atmosphere of the restaurant, and the warm, natural sunlight that will liven up your mood at Bread Street Kitchen.

Available every Sunday from 12pm onwards, dine at one of the best Sunday roast spots in Singapore.

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay is located at L1-81, The Shoppes.

RISE Restaurant

A Sunday roast spread with roasted beef at RISE Restaurant

Elevate your Sunday roast in Singapore with the best international hotel buffet spread. Indulge in international cuisine as you embark on a gastronomic adventure around the world, or soak in the cosy atmosphere of homestyle cooking with authentic, traditional dishes that are reminiscent of home.

Cocktails from RISE after a Sunday lunch

Look forward to Sundays with RISE’s Beef Wellington with Mushroom Duxelles, a comforting pairing that makes for the ultimate Sunday lunch. With its light, flaky puff dough pastry and medium well fillet steak, the Beef Wellington is certain to be a crowd-pleaser at Sunday lunch gatherings with your loved ones.

No dining experience is complete without a refreshing beverage. Savour the sophisticated blends of handcrafted mocktails, prosecco or beer for the ultimate dining experience. Add an exotic twist to your meal with local cocktail flavours, or top off your Sunday lunch with handpicked wines and spirits for an intoxicating lunch you’ll never forget. At this family-friendly restaurant, nourish your little ones with the nutritious, vitamin-rich goodness of freshly squeezed juices that will quench their thirst with every sip. Delight in roasted delights at the best restaurants for Sunday roast in Singapore.

RISE Restaurant is located at Lobby, Hotel Tower 1.