A traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, origin of omakase

Origins of Omakase

Omakase is a traditional form of dining considered by some gourmands to be the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine. The style has its roots in a Japanese culinary tradition called kaiseki (懐石), which developed centuries ago as a way for people to celebrate special occasions like festivals or weddings with food.

Today, omakase is both an art form and a science. Intricate creativity is displayed in its execution while each ingredient is utilized to its fullest potential by carefully balancing flavours and textures without overwhelming the senses.

Chef preparing omakase nigiri sushi bare hands
Chef preparing a slice of sashimi at an omakase restaurant in Singapore

The Omakase Experience

A typical dining experience is built around the relationship between you and the menu. A selection of dishes created by the chef is presented, inviting you to choose the direction of your food journey. Here, familiarity can often lure you towards plates where the outcome of taste is known.

At an omakase restaurant, the path is far more surprising. There is not necessarily a ‘menu’ for you to plot your course; this is an experience where you are entirely in the hands of the chef, with the flow of the meal akin to a conversation.

People seated at a bar table facing Japanese chef preparing food

You’ll be seated at a table facing the chef, indulging in topics about the food, ingredient origins, and tastes. These moments inspire the chef to create unique dishes tailored to the mood, often showcasing seasonal ingredients for a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience. Each is a bespoke dining journey that subverts expectations and surprises the palate from one bite to the next.

Omakase Restaurants in Singapore

Whether you’re a first-timer to omakase dining or a die-hard devotee, you’ll surely appreciate the experience at some of the best Japanese omakase restaurants in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands. A gastronomic hub that sets the standard in cuisine selection and service, these are the must-try highlights for an appetising tour of omakase excellence.

Cold yuba served as a menu in an omakase restaurant in Singapore

KOMA Singapore

The theatrics at KOMA begin at its impressive entrance. The long passageway is lined with orange cedar sculptural arches, evoking the famous Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. The path leads into a stunning lounge area which will leave you in awe with its high ceilings, huge sushi bar, and grand ornamental bell that hangs over a footbridge.

Entrance and fresh grilled fish at KOMA, one of the best omakase restaurants in Singapore
Omakase bar dining area at KOMA Singapore

The interior’s bravura styling is apt for a menu that offers a bold reimagining of Japanese cuisine. A wide selection of fresh MakiNigiri, and Sashimi offered at this Japanese restaurant will have sushi lovers salivating with joy. The a la carte menu catches your eye with adventurous dishes such as the Truffle Fried Rice, an umami-filled combination of Japanese rice fired with truffle paste, mushrooms and vegetables. 

The lunch and dinner Omakase menu at KOMA consists of a spread of either six or ten incredible courses. Take a seat at the bar while the chef prepares and serves a personal selection of plates that will spark conversation with their delicious flavours and presentation. Complete the tantalising experience with some sake from KOMA’s extensive list.  

KOMA is located at B1-67, The Shoppes.

Wakuda Restaurant & Bar

One of the two restaurants at Marina Bay Sands by culinary maestro Tetsuya Wakuda, and created in collaboration with star restaurateur John Kunkel, Wakuda is a sensual experience of provocative artistic choices and sumptuous food. Inspired by the narrow, neon-soaked streets of Tokyo’s Golden Gai district, this top omakase restaurant in Singapore offers redefined Japanese cuisine that melds tradition with modernity.

Fresh grilled unagi and bar table at Wakuda, Singapore's top omakase spot
Omakase dining area at Waku Ghin, Singapore

Only the finest ingredients sourced from Japan, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand are used to prepare a menu of exceptional dishes. Dishes from the a la carte menu, like The Saikyo Yaki, with Patagonian Toothfish Cod marinated in original Saikyo miso from Kyoto, is a grilled seafood classic. Appease your palate with another a la carte menu favourites, the Cold Soba, a savoury bowl of soft noodles with Truffles, Botan Shrimp, and shaved mushrooms – each bite is bound to be more satisfying than the last.

Boasting a premium experience that is “truly a first for the city,” Wakuda is the newest addition to the omakase experience at the world's leading integrated resort, making it an ideal destination to sample the best omakase in Singapore. Seating just eight guests, revel in an air of exclusivity as the master chef creates a one-off menu where each dish is specifically catered to the whims of the occasion, resulting in unexpected moments of gourmet perfection.   

Wakuda is located at Lobby, Hotel Tower 2.

Waku Ghin By Tetsuya Wakuda

A two Michelin star restaurantWaku Ghin is an invitation from chef Tetsuya Wakuda to a fine dining experience that exceeds assumptions on every level. The restaurant's interiors are inspired by the serene beauty of nature, with materials such as wood and stone used in its minimalist aesthetic. From furnishings to surfaces, every aspect of the environment is adorned with subtle details that reflect a proud Japanese heritage.

Nigiri sushi and crab claw at Waku Ghin, a top favourite omakase spot in Singapore
Dining area and maple tree in Wakuda, a top favourite omakase restaurant in Singapore

A visit to the bar at this omakase restaurant is a good way to start things off. Take a seat and peruse a list of beverages that include handcrafted Japanese-style cocktails, meticulously-sourced wines, and varied collections of premium sake. Browse the a la carte menu for a series of haute cuisine highlights. The Salmon and Sea Urchin is a divine dish of delicately seasoned fish served on a bed of fluffy rice; the Ohmi Wagyu Beef Menchi Katsu Burger is a tender bite of crispy chicken with a side of fries.

The standout is a seat at the exclusive chef’s ten-seater table for a gala omakase experience in Singapore. Indulge in a bespoke dining extravaganza with a multi-layered feast of seasonally inspired specials carefully curated by the chef for your ultimate dining pleasure.

Waku Ghin is located at L2-03, The Shoppes.