Japanese Fine Dining Restaurants


Whether it is a romantic date night or an intimate family celebration, satiate your palate and savour the delicacies and culinary art in the intricate and elegant interiors. From authentic Japanese flavours to ambience as refined as their food, discover these restaurants that represent the pinnacle of Japanese fine dining in Singapore.

Waku Ghin by Tetsuya Wakuda

Japanese | Celebrity Chef Restaurant | Bar

Uni with caviar in a bowl served at Waku Ghin, a Japanese restaurant in Singapore

From the omotenashi atmosphere to the presentation of the food, your time at Waku Ghin is a promise of something extraordinary. Delight in a wide selection of handcrafted Japanese-style cocktails and menu curated with specials that promise a gastronomic odyssey of culinary brilliance.



Wakuda Restaurant & Bar

Japanese | Celebrity Chef Restaurant | Bar

Authentic Japanese set meal at Wakuda, a Japanese fine dining restaurant in Singapore

A contemporary Japanese restaurant with a bold interpretation of modern and traditional cuisine, Wakuda is a one of Singapore's top Japanese fine dining restaurant. Perfect for any occasion, embark on an epicurean feast of exquisitely prepared dishes inspired by the finest ingredients sourced worldwide.



KOMA Singapore

Japanese | Fine Dining | Bar

Fresh oysters and and sushi platter at the best Japanese restaurant in Singapore

Reminiscent of the torri gates in Kyoto, be greeted by the panoply of orange arches as you enter this Japanese restaurant. Taste the unique flavours of Japanese cuisine as you select from a kaleidoscope of delectable dishes.



Japanese Casual Dining Restaurants


Perfect for all your social needs, button down and discover a captivating list of casual dining options at Marina Bay Sands with a family-friendly ambience. From ramen noodles cooked to perfection and served in silky-rich broth boiled for hours, to sushi, sashimi and bento sets, dine in ultimate comfort at these Japanese casual dining restaurants at Marina Bay Sands.


Japanese | Casual Dining

Ramen served at the best Japanese restaurant in Singapore

A Japanese ramen restaurant most well-known for its tonkotsu ramen, IPPUDO serves affordable Japanese food with absolutely no compromise in quality. Complement your meal at this award-winning Japanese restaurant with favourites like the Gyoza and Karaage.


Sen of Japan

Japanese | Casual Dining | Waterfront

Fresh assorted seafood don at the top Japanese restaurant in Singapore

Upholding a concept centered around freshness, the chefs at Sen of Japan elevates culinary artistry with their contemporary take on Japanese cuisine. Serveing indulgent lunch sets perfect for a midday fare, satisfy your food craving at this Japanese restaurant.