Whether you’re travelling with kids, on honeymoon, or backpacking across the region with friends, wildlife experiences should be on your list to top things to do in Singapore. The range of wildlife parks include the Singapore Zoo, the world-famous Night Safari, the River Safari, and Jurong Bird Park. Let’s look at what these awesome parks offer visitors.

The Singapore Zoo covers 26 hectares and boasts open, natural animal habitats, including the world’s first free-ranging orang utan habitat in a zoo. The zoo is home to animal species from all over the world. You can expect daily animal shows, hands-on animal sessions, the popular Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife programme, and interactive exhibits around the park — making it a great experience for animal lovers of all ages.

It is especially important to note that the Singapore Zoo is more than a park, but also an active supporter of global conservation efforts. The zoo’s captive breeding programme has bred numerous animals that are on endangered or threatened lists.

Right next to the Singapore Zoo is the Night Safari, the world’s first safari park just for nocturnal animals. If your feet are tired, take a tram ride around the park. The ride brings you through zones that represent seven geographical regions. Try to be as quiet as you can on the tram ride, so that the animals aren’t alarmed!

For those who prefer to be on their feet, there are four walking trails that intersect at various points and allow visitors to experience the animals at their own pace. As in the zoo, there are several shows each evening, including the Creatures of the Night show which gives you an closer look at how animals survive in the wild.

Opened in 1971, The Jurong Bird Park is the largest of its kind in Asia and the first wildlife park in Singapore. More than 5,000 birds call the park their home, and you can see many of them in the four free-flight aviaries in the park. Favourites with visitors are Penguin Coast and Pelican Cove, the latter being home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of pelicans.

Don’t miss another world record: the first man-made waterfall on the planet, situated inside a large aviary with more than 600 free-flying birds. Feeding sessions, animal shows and a visit to the Breeding & Research Centre are ways to experience the park’s feathered inhabitants more closely, and understand ongoing conservation efforts.

One of Singapore’s newest tourist attractions, River Safari is a river-themed wildlife park where you can explore the iconic rivers of the world. The park is designed not just for encounters with wildlife, but also to help you understand the ecosystems, cultures, and environmental issues surrounding each of these rivers.

The park is easily explored on foot and if you pair your walking tour with the Amazon River Quest boat ride, you will be able to check out all the attractions it has to offer. Some immersive and unique experiences in the park include the Amazon Flooded Forest, where you’ll see what the Amazon River looks like underwater in the world’s largest freshwater aquarium. The park is the only place in Asia that you’ll see the giant river otter in captivity, and is also home to Kai Kai and Jia Jia, a pair of giant pandas from China.

Not just an urban jungle, Singapore offers jungle experiences of the wilder variety too, so plan your trip to include a visit to one or all of these parks! Remember to dress comfortably, wear good walking shoes and drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated in this tropical wildlife paradise.