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 17 Dec 2021  

Singapore is known worldwide for being many things – a paradise for shopaholics with its stunning collection of world-class brands, a sensational melting pot of cultures, and a foodie heaven with numerous fine dining options and hawker centres. Unknown to some, Singapore also has a wide range of distinctive wildlife experiences that are centred around animal conservation and the protection of natural habitats.

We explore the most interesting zoos, safaris, and parks in Singapore for you to visit and experience wildlife up close.


Singapore Zoo


Singapore Zoo

Housing over 2,800 specimens of various species across more than 10 different animal habitat zones, Singapore Zoo is a must-visit, even if you’re not a wildlife enthusiast. Apart from being a wildlife park, Singapore Zoo is also an active supporter of sustainable living and global conservation efforts. One of these efforts is the zoo’s captive breeding programme, which has managed to breed several animals that are on IUCN’s endangered or threatened lists.


Meerkat at Singapore Zoo


Wild Africa

Get a taste of Africa in Asia with Singapore Zoo’s ‘Wild Africa’ zone. From harsh, dry deserts to tropical rainforests, Wild Africa boasts a diverse range of habitats that shelter some of the fastest, tallest, and largest creatures on land. Some animals you can expect to find include the hyena-looking African Painted Dogs, fascinating Fossas (Madagascar’s top predator with scent-marking glands), adorable Meerkats, and prized White Rhinos.

If you’re visiting Singapore Zoo with children, inspire them to get closer to these magnificent creatures by choosing the ‘Giraffe/White Rhino Feeding’ packages; besides a memorable experience, it’s a guaranteed great photo opportunity for the whole family.




Fragile Forest

The ‘Fragile Forest’ zone at the Singapore Zoo is a 20,000 cubic metre biodome with rainforest-like conditions that teems with wildlife (including amphibians and invertebrates) from diverse equatorial forests. This zone houses some of the most interesting insects, animals, and birds that you have ever seen (or will see) in your life.

The Three-Horned Rhino Beetle, the Pygmy Marmoset, the Dragon-Headed Katydid, the Lesser Mousedeer, and the Spotted Whistling Duck – you’ll encounter fascinating species of wildlife at this zone in Singapore Zoo.


Bearded Dragon



If your kids are fascinated by snakes, lizards, and turtles, be sure to drop by the ‘RepTopia’ zone. RepTopia includes 4 distinctive geographical zones and is home to over 60 reptiles and amphibians. Kids can get up close and personal at the regal horned lizard exhibit, which allows them to climb into a dome to experience a ‘desert environment’ and come face-to-face with the lizards. They are also encouraged to search for ‘snakes’ in the bamboo forest and similar habitats.

Wildlife within this zone includes the Dyeing Poison Frog, the Emperor Scorpion, the King Cobra, the Panther Chameleon, the Crocodile Monitor, the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, and the Bearded Dragon. Though they’re cold-blooded, these magnificent creatures will surely warm your heart.





To see marsupials in Singapore, head to the ‘Australasia’ zone at Singapore Zoo for a chance to see kangaroos and wallabies. This zone showcases grey kangaroos and agile wallabies from Australia, tree kangaroos from Papua New Guinea, and cassowaries from New Guinea.

Watch the kangaroos as they hop around the zoo’s walk-through area. Though clumsier than their grey cousins, tree kangaroos have broad feet, padded soles, and powerful arms to help them with climbing tree limbs. Since cassowaries look like a cross between a turkey, an ostrich and a velociraptor, encountering one would be the closest you get to meeting a dinosaur. This unique and exotic-looking bird is also considered as the ‘world’s most dangerous bird’ thanks to the 10cm-long claws on their feet.


Feeding Rhino


These are several other zones within the Singapore Zoo to explore, such as Reptile Garden, Primate Kingdom, and Great Rift Valley. Get hands-on with a variety of activities from feeding animals to getting a peek behind the scenes with wildlife tours. There are also numerous shows that allow the animals to showcase their talents; pack a raincoat for the ‘Splash Safari Show’ to witness a sea lion perform tricks in the water, or see familiar furry friends in the ‘Animal Friends Show’, which features dogs, cats, and mice.

Operating hours: Daily, 8.30AM – 6PM
Admission ticket prices: S$44 for adults, S$31 for children

Plan your visit to Singapore Zoo at this link.




Night Safari

With over 900 animals from over 100 species spanning across a 35-hectare park, you can expect diversity at the world’s first nocturnal wildlife park. Operating from 6.30pm till 12am every day, visitors can explore Night Safari’s 4 exciting zones on foot or hop on to the tram (with audio commentary in English) for a 30-minute tour. Other activities offered by Night Safari include an unforgettable dining experience inside a Tipi tent, wildlife tours, and a fun talent show.


East Lodge Trail

A unique zone that introduces you to a combination of animals from the tropics and the savannah, who have come from opposite ends of the world to live together. Some of the animals worth checking out include the Babirusa, the Aardvark, the Malayan Tiger, and the Bongo.


Leopard Trail

Creep up on nature’s predators as you peek into the nightly routine of Leopards, Lions, and Civets on Leopard Trail. Stroll further through two spectacular walk-through exhibits for a chance to get up-close with acrobatic, furry creatures of the skies: the Flying Foxes and Flying Squirrels.


Owl at Night Safari


Fishing Cat Trail

Filled with skilled hunters and ‘oddballs,’ this trail shelters animals such as the Barking Deer, the Indian Ghariyal, the Southern Three-Banded Armadillo, and birds such as the Little Pied Cormorant, and the Roseate Spoonbill.


Wallaby Trail

Featuring unique marsupials and birds mainly from Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea, this trail introduces you to the Sugar Glider, the Brush-Tailed Possum, the Morepork Owl, the Barn Owl, Wallabies, and more.


Operating Hours: Thu – Sun, 6.30PM – 12AM
Admission ticket prices: S$53 for adults, S$36 for children

Plan your visit to Night Safari here.


Flamingo at Jurong Bird Park


Jurong Bird Park

Avian lovers can appreciate our feathered friends at Jurong Bird Park. Established in 1971, Jurong Bird Park houses over 5,000 birds from 400 species, and is Asia’s largest bird park. From tropical birds to aquatic-dependant ones, from birds of prey to domesticated favourites – Jurong’s array of feathered inhabitants are as diverse as they are impressive.


Penguins at Jurong Bird Park


One of those zones, the 600-bird ‘Waterfall Aviary’ area, is home to one of the world's tallest man-made, indoor waterfalls. Remember to check out visitor-favourites – Penguin Coast and Pelican Cove (world’s most comprehensive collection of pelicans) – for a truly memorable visit. You can also find out more about Jurong Bird Park’s conservation efforts and experience the birds up close with various activities in the park, such as feeding sessions, animal shows, and a visit to the in-house Breeding & Research Centre.

Operating Hours: Daily, 8.30AM – 6PM
Admission ticket prices: From S$30.60 for adults, S$20.70 for children

For more information on tickets, memberships, special promotions and booking, head over to this link.


River Safari


River Wonders

River Wonders (also known as River Safari) is Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park which features over 7,500 amazing land and aquatic animals from 240 species. Visitors can admire flora and fauna commonly found near rivers and understand the bionetworks and environmental issues faced by rivers around the world.


Red Panda


Zones include Amazon Flooded Forest, Asia’s Mekong River, Africa’s Congo River, Egypt’s Nile, and China’s Yangtze River. You’ll find animals like the Giant Freshwater Stingray, Electric Eel, Goliath Tigerfish, Manatee, Red-bellied Piranha, Giant Panda (and the smaller Red Panda), and Mekong Catfish. Hop on the Amazon River Quest for an unforgettable ride or join a wildlife tour to get up close to the animals.

Operating Hours: Daily, 8.30AM – 6PM
Admission ticket prices: From S$34.20 for adults, S$23.40 for children

Learn more about River Wonders’ latest promotions, memberships, ticket prices, and bookings here.


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