Tips to Help You Ace Your Video Interview

As we are all working from home doing our best to decrease the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there are a few silver linings to it. We’re more independent; submitting work before deadline, communicating more effectively, saving time on daily commutes to get more tasks done. These are some potential advantages of working from home.

Then there are other changes as well, such as in-person interviews switching to video interview. And it gets a little worrying for some people who are used to in-person interviews. Here are a few tips for you to experience a seamless video job interview.

  • Find a quiet spot with good lighting
  • Sit in front of a clean background
  • Ensure your internet connection is stable
  • Test your computer's webcam & audio functions
  • Tell your household members not to disturb you

After making sure that your space is prepared and you won’t be facing technical hiccups or any distractions during your interview. It’s important to also create a bond with the interviewer by finding potential topics to discuss about. The key is to make it memorable and purposeful. Do as much work and research about the job before your interview.

As a job seeker, hirers might ask pandemic-related questions. Here are a few questions to keep yourself prepared.

1. Tell me about your work-from-home experience. Have you discovered anything new about yourself?

Effective remote workers instill ownership. And that’s what employers are looking for, it means that you’re reliable despite this enduring period, it also shows that you possess high level of emotional intelligence. This helps the interviewer to better assess how you manage your emotions when you’re faced with challenging situations.

They might also ask how you make yourself resourceful as some roles might have reduced tasks during the pandemic. Let your employers know how you keep yourself productive and busy, what you have done to bring value in your last company. Perhaps you have taken some liberty to finish a project or learned a new skill, these are highlights that you want to share with the hirer.

2. Do you have what it takes to work from home?

A known fact: not everybody can work from home full time. Giving some assurance on how you execute your job while embracing the new normal will help the hirer understand you better. Expect questions about your ability to work from home, how you are self-driven and such.

They might even question if you’re willing to work from an office when it’s safe to do so, you might want to have this part figured, if you’re okay with the transition from home to on-site.

3. Have you made a calculated risk and failed during this pandemic – what have you learned?

Be honest about what went well and what not in your last job. Employers want to know that you’re flexible and eager to experiment new stuffs. When you demonstrate humility, pride and confidence, it shows that you’re always growing and willing to improve.

4. What excites you about this role?

When employers ask this, they like to find out about your engagement at work. Whether you’re passionate about the role, the company’s mission or the perks and benefits. It’s good to show that you’re aligned with the company’s goals by displaying a strong sense of purposefulness and motivation to work for a different company.

Also, that includes asking about the company’s culture, training and future plan. And if you’re hired, what do they expect from you on day one? Will there be any trainings? What’s the company’s timeline and hiring plans like during the outbreak? Ask questions that you can follow up after the interview.

Lastly, you always want the interview to be meaningful. So it’s important to practice making conversations through a webcam. Ideally, you want to feel confident about yourself, yet professional and personable. Here’s something you can pick up as well; show good remote meeting etiquette by smiling often and make regular good eye contact by looking at the camera during the interview.

Now we hope you’re a little more prepared for your interview ahead. We wish you all the best.

Meanwhile, let's stay safe and stay strong together. 

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