ArtScience on Screen: Sonorous Sketches: Visualising a Field Recording Dubplate

Sonorous Sketches: Visualising a Field Recording Dubplate is an animated short film comprising of experimental visualisations of soundscapes recorded in the Singaporean wild. These field recordings were pressed on to a dubplate record in 2013 and have been used as an improvisational performance tool ever since, resulting in the accumulated degradation of the animal calls found within the grooves.

A selection of ten short excerpts from this dubplate were re-recorded and used as the impetus to create the moving images seen within Sonorous Sketches. Led by Zai, the piece visualises the sensuous character of both the wildlife recordings and the turbulent sounds of the worn out dubplate itself, using a combination of both analog and digital mark-making methods. The latter is explored through software-based frame-by-frame animation, and the former is manifested through the imaginative hands of artist and filmmaker Rei Hayama, using 35mm film.

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Direction and Sound: Zai Tang
Image: Zai Tang and Rei Hayama

Livestream Q&A on 30 Sep, Wednesday at 8pm
Join us for a livestream discussion and Q&A on 30 September, Wednesday with Zai Tang  and Jerome Chee (Programmer, Moving Image and Emerging Media, ArtScience Museum) happening on the same day as the launch of Sonorous Sketches: Visualising a Field Recording Dubplate!

About Micro-Commissions:
As part of its ongoing support for local arts ecology, ArtScience Museum is proud to present a series of newly-commissioned films for the smallest screens, from some of Singapore’s most prominent artists and filmmakers. Catch new unique and exciting short films as we release them across the museum’s online platforms throughout the year, and celebrate the breadth and creativity of Singapore-based filmmakers.

About the Filmmaker

  • Zai Tang

    Zai Tang is an artist based in Singapore. In his solo work responds to the question: What does it mean to listen to nature in a time of ecological crisis and mass extinction? He experiments with the abstraction and visualisation of sounds recorded in wildlife-rich habitats under threat in Singapore. Transformed from their original state these sonorities are combined with other elements - drawing, animation, projection and / or performance - to create immersive and reflexive experiences that explore notions of awareness and connectivity between the human the nonhuman.

  • Rei Hayama

    Rei Hayama is a Japanese artist. After many thoughtful and practical experiences amongst wildlife in the unique environment of her youth, she studied at Tama Art University and has been making work since 2008. Hayama's work revolves around nature and all other living things that have been lost or neglected from an anthropocentric point of view. Through film, video, sound and poetic writings, Hayama gently seeks the harmonious connection between nature and human, bringing forth the invisible layers of our natural reality into the human imagination. 

    Rei and Zai are currently presenting their collaborative sound and video installation Dormant Soil / Concrete Reflections at the Busan Biennale 2020 (South Korea).


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