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BreadTalk is an award-winning Singapore-born bakery brand that has gained international appeal thanks to its excellent buns and floss. Acknowledging that bread is part of the staple diet in many countries, BreadTalk honours the craft of bread-making with its open concept store experience, as well as visually appealing and delicious products.

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Incorporating globally-sourced natural ingredients, baking artistry and modern technology, the brand is recognised locally and internationally for its signature Flosss, a soft bun coated with a special recipe egg cream and topped with fluffy pork floss, which remains one of the brand’s top-selling products.

Established in 2000, BreadTalk continues to offer a selection of Asian- and European-style baked goods that draw from iconic flavours and trends from the region.

Indulge in BreadTalk’s aromatic creations that can be seen first-hand in the open kitchen – where freshly baked buns are sent from the Master Chef’s oven to the bakery shelves.

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Prosperity Special
Prosperity Special
BreadTalk's festive cookies are just the perfect companion to your Lunar New Year celebrations. Their Big Blessings Set includes various delectable flavours such as the Almond Crisp, Mini Pineapple Pastry and Mini Ondeh Ondeh.